David Archuleta for Bench Fix Professional

Saturday, February 18, 2012

It was the last public performance of one great American Idol that visited the Philippines, he is David Archuleta. Throngs of fans, models, executives were there to witness the launch of BENCH FIX Professional's latest endorser; and boy did he not disappoint! It was my first time to see this guy in the flesh so forgive me if I sound like a fan but I do follow him on twitter since time in memorial. I'm so impressed with BENCH's lineup, imagine a few months ago they had appeared in America's Next Top Model, then the gorgeous Michael Trevino, then a collaboration with artists from Secret Fresh, then the pretty Hollywood sweetheart Lucy Hale... now comes David Archuleta. Oohh the list goes on and on!

His preppy look resonates and his youth seems so overwhelming and a lot of people consider him more than an idol... I'm not surprised! Today he's doing some stints in TV5 for a new soap called Nandito Ako which I had a chance to see (the trailer) a few days ago. I'm sure a lot of guys and gals would want to get their hands on the Nandito Ako sa Bench shirt that they released for this cute guy. Man crush LOL!

The event started; on stage were five doors with a classroom scene in play. Huge runway on front signifies that there will be some other things shown aside from David... yes it's gonna be some of those things you've seen in their summer collection.

This grand launch is still part of BENCH's 25th year celebration!

Yes, I ran after these gorgeous models before they went on stage to take a closer look at their collection. They definitely did not shy away from plaids, prints and colors this season! Oooh I can't wait to see what will come out on the catwalk!

Gorgeous gorgeous girls, I can't really take my eyes out of one of the Brazilians! She was too perfect!

She's one of the girls I was able to see earlier, did the printed necktie cum belt work?! I dunno! But I love the shorts and blouse. A hint of color blocking seems to be still in season.

Loud bright colors and plaids for men, not bad. :) You probably need a hunky physique to come with that so you can carry it well.

I love the prints! I also like the preppy look for men, it's easy and quite achievable with even your old clothes via layering.

Checkered and floral, for that summery look! :)

If you are out in town and just going to pick up something, or a better alternative to ordinary day wear... then this is the perfect ensemble! Nice and easy to dress up even on a sunny day!

Smart Casual, still looking so chic when you get it from BENCH stores.

But the look I love so much is the preppy summer easy going look. If this is going to be a staple in my closet I'd love to lounge around in those raised pants and colorful tops. The best thing is they've also got these things in affordable prices! Make sure you check them out in stores!

Bench also got one of the premier Cheering SQUADS in the land... THE UE PEP SQUAD!

I love it! They got my alma mater represented in the event! :) Go fight RED and WHITE!
Aren't they gorgeous?! :)

It's HIS Time!


Well I can't really tell how much his fans screamed when he came out so I'm getting you the next best thing... how about we watch this video of his performance in that same event! =)


Nandito Ako =) And without slang on his Filipino eh!? :)

And this was the instant that he waved back at me when I asked him to stop for a photo on stage while performing! =)

More of David Archuleta's Photos!

Talented, Cute and HE loves BENCH, and BENCH FIX Professional...
what more can anyone ask for?!

Check out BENCH FIX Professional products out on stores nationwide! Capisce?!




Trevor C said...

David is so fresh faced and innocent looking. Hard to believe's he's been around for so long. Your pictures are great.

KUMAGCOW said...

 That's so true! :) thanks Trevor! :)

Hanna Park said...

To me, David has both innocent looks and sexy looks.  When he smiles, he looks like the happiest and the most innocent looking youth.  But when he doesn't smile, he looks so hott!!  He has nice base, naturally good looking, to easily work with, for makeup artists and hair stylists.  Well, most of world top notch supermodels have both innocent as well as sexy looks.