A Breath Of Fresh Air: Sabrina in her latest album "I Love Acoustic 4"

Thursday, February 02, 2012


Sabrina. She's a breath of fresh air.

I was in a room full of media people when I got to meet her in person. As always I put my personal taste in music aside and had to have my senses open to new ones. I'm so glad I did because I couldn't imagine what would it be like without me knowing her closely like that.

I'm a skeptic to artists who do covers but I have a friend who I frequently go out with; and I saw his CD collection ~ all in his car. There were only a couple of them but three definitely stood out; it was the name Sabrina in all of them; so I immediately asked my friend about her. Laughed about his song choices too. What makes her so special?! Why acoustic?! What does she sound like?!... he immediately grabbed the CD's out of my hand and inserted it in the car's player. That's when that "Oh, so that's why!" moment happened.

Listening to her was one thing; then I actually saw her during the Greyson Chance concert in Eastwood City. If you saw the multitude of people screaming for Greyson I'm sure you'll be nervous, but she went right through her set and opened for the International artist. This is the first official time I listened to her live!

She was well received by the throng of people that were there. Remarkable voice and the song choices was another story. Then I said "She's good!"... it takes a whole lotta time before I do say that. To say the least, I was impressed.

In her first bloggers night, she was just sitting and doing interviews for media. Her presence was really not condescending. She waved and made sure we were a little comfortable above anything else. She made us feel right at home. I adore stars who do that to me, (ie Rocco Nacino, Kris Bernal, Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales)... she gets me this time too. Now that I like her, she gave us a very nice chat. We felt so nice talking to her that way. It was so comforting that an artist who racked in multiple PLATINUM awards in Indonesia had her feet on the ground. She never alienated anyone while we were there. Plus the fact that she obliged to sing a couple of songs... now that takes a lot and she did it to the delight of online people I was with at that time.

She has got a lot of things planned for this year, now that she's also broken through the South East Asian market it'll be a lot busy this time. She's got a couple of originals also planned. Her versions of new songs in her NEW fourth album is just as impressive. Make sure you get your own copies of "Sabrina: I Love Acoustic 4" nationwide. I adore her "Last Friday Night", "Rolling in the Deep", "That should be me" and "Moves Like Jagger" version and if you get to listen to it, pat yourself in the back because you did a good thing. She's got 17 tracks and a bonus one so if you purchase it from record bars, it's totally worth it! I promise to buy another one for myself since my friend's going to get this one which she happily signed.

Thank you Sabrina! Stay nice and genuine; and you'll go a lot of places! I believe you'll start change the Philippine singing landscape that only knows belting and equate it to the greatness of their music. You totally deserve the title of Asia's Acoustic Princess! You are way better than that! xoxo

Thank you so much to MCA MUSIC INC., PinoyMag and OrangemagazineTV.com for organizing this event. Thank you also to Red Box, we had a grand time in Eastwood!


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pusangkalye said...

NAPAPADALA KAY Sabrina ah. we need more acoustic singers like her para mapalago ang diversity sa Philippine music scene. :)

iyakhin said...

so intriguing nakapag download tuloy ako ng di oras sa ipod ko..hmmm i love acoustic too!

kumagcow said...

 :) believe me! her voice is really so soothing... perfect this LOVE season!

el toro bumingo said...

Sino s'ya? Di ko cia knows :(