KRAVE Restobar: Makati's Best Kept Secret Exposed!

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Right at the heart of Makati City lies an undiscovered cozy place where you can dine to your heart's desire, a restaurant promptly called KRAVE. Since this is Chef Vince Rodriguez's love child with hunk actor DingDong Dantes and a few very private partners; they trusted us to test a few of their best sellers since their inception last November 2011. This spot is usually frequented by executives and employees of nearby corporations and if you haven't been there, you're in for a treat!

The Appetizers!

The Rock Shrimp Popcorn

Covered in light batter, these shrimp pieces will surely start a conversation on your parties. I love how they put in the mangoes and chili to complement the seafood component of this appetizer. You can just pop it in your mouth and the dreamy thick mayo like sauce that comes with the shrimp would explode with sweet - tangy undertones immediately. It's a great starter, we were in for more!

Foie Grais Nigiri

I am an avid fan of Japanese cuisine and Nigiris are quite a staple. This however is like an East meets West thing. The Foie Grais definitely is definitely sinful! Treating it like sushi takes more than what it's supposed to do, I love the small tangy flavor the small amount of sauce on the plate gives. It cuts the heart attack waiting to happen on the foie grais. I would have seconds of these! Though for the ones who are dying to have comfort food I suggest you share this with friends or loved ones, it's just too rich! The saltiness from the caviar breaks the oil goodness. It is something to die for!

The Lava Roll

They weren't joking when they said that they'll get this out for CHEESE lovers out there! They gave us a treat and even served this flaming hot literally because there was "fire on it" too. Those small patches are all burnt edges as the fire easily melted everything on the plate. The roll had lots of scallop pieces on it that would act like rocks in normal lava. It was a treat to see and I suggest you get your kids or someone who adores cheese have this instead of the appetizers! This will fill you up in no time!

KRAVE Texas Steak Roll

After going back and forth to East and West cuisine another treat comes in this long plate. Imagine thick slices of meat surrounded by Japanese rice then rolled in wasabe and a light batter. This is lethal as far as spiciness goes because the amount of Wasabe is quite generous in every bite. Boys would love this for sure! I loved it so much because I can pack a lot of heat but for those who want everything else a little less spicy I suggest you get the other ones. This is not for the faint of heart ladies, but if you are upto a challenge then let's get it on!

The Tuna Tower

Designed as a rice salad; this Tuna tower surely has become a crowd favorite. Pleasing to the eyes plus flavor that does not disappoint, how can you go wrong?! All the nicest things you can ever think of in a sushi roll is also here, it's like an open faced version of it. It's designed to be shared and mixed fully. We really didn't touch it quite much because it was too pretty. If there was one thing I'd have for starters, this would surely be it! The tuna albeit is raw so you must have this salad cold than usual.


Beef Carpaccio

I love Italian food and this Beef Carpaccio Pizza just hits the spot! Slivers of raw meat ran over by peppery arugula leaves, salt, pepper and parmesan cheese on a thin crust can I just go on and one with this?! The point is, it's so good that nothing was left of it after a few minutes. This is easily one of the nicest pizza's I've ever had next to the Basilica which also Chef Vince Rodriguez has in his other restaurant. This is really a good buy in my books. I love the balsamic vinegar also which gives it a sweet tangy finish. People will wipe it off their plates so make sure you eat this while it's still hot!

The Main Course

Dinosaur Beef Barbecue Ribs

Yes, I did swear with a couple of times while eating this scrumptious chunk of meat. Sorry I couldn't put the expletives here. You know how it is to eat something so delicious almost pitch black because of the "caramelization" of cranberries it was marinated in. The meat tasted so sweet outside and too soft that it literally falls off the bones. It's not soo spicy but it has hints of thyme if I'm not mistaken. If I had this everyday, I'd be glad to do it. For those who plan to share this with friends, I guess you can but its something you really want to eat on your own because it is SOOOO GOOOOD!

Basted with the marinade and probably light cream to make it more special, this Dinosaur Beef Barbecue Ribs is our choice for those who love meat and for men who like it MEATY.

Pair it up with your favorite Red Portuguese wine and you would never forget this evening when you are out with your friends and family. By the way, KRAVE has one of the greatest wine selections I've ever seen... if you are an avid fan of pairing please do go there.

Angus Pinwheel Steak

The best cut of meat flamed - hanging on a bed of soft creamy mashed potatoes and firm Asparagus spears. End of story. You can't leave KRAVE without getting one of these shows because the food is a spectacle on itself. You'll get the envy of everyone at the restaurant and everyone will watch your table as this lovely, juicy piece de resistance lands your mouth with every scrumptious bite. Please, have your napkins ready because your mouth will water every time you gift yourself with something special like this! I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Steak Oil (front), Red Wine Gravy (left) and Peppermint Sauce (back)

You can put these things on top of your steak for a unique, scrumptious experience. Some mix it up but I prefer a more pure approach which means I'll taste them one by one separately. If you want to taste heaven on earth I suggest you take a bite of this steak!

The Dessert

Caviar and Fresh Fruit Panacotta

For the sweet tooth and not so sweet ones, you can gauge your freedom from standards with this concoction of Caviar, Fruit and Panacotta served in jiggers because you will dig the mid sweet tones it gives out plus the salty taste from the caviar and tanginess from the fruits. It's simply a mixture of sweet, salty and sour so you better make enough room for this otherwise get this other one that's achieved rave reviews from all their restaurants!

Chef Vincent Rodriguez's Signature Bread Pudding

I have tasted this one in Red Garlic when I got the chance to review that successful restaurant and I'm sure people will flock this joint just for the taste of this one. Creamy, much like creme brulee rather than your pinoy stale bread based pudding, you should try this out. You will surely forget yourself. Am I clear?! :)

The Ambiance

The place can probably sit from 30-40 people. They are open from 11AM to 2PM and 6PM to 11PM so make sure you get reservations.

The kitchen is pretty neat. It's open so you get to see where the heat of the action is.

As I've mentioned earlier KRAVE has one of the best wine choices in the metro, so if you are up to celebrate a special occasion, a bottle or two of the best wines in the world would be so great!

Oh and one more thing, I actually have praised and raved about the ambiance. It's perfect for people who want a romantic, cozy ambiance. I love the song choices too. So if you have something to want this valentine's season or that next special occasion, make sure you have Krave Restobar on your list. Yes, I do strongly suggest you try it out first before you get convinced with my article. What are you waiting for?!

Need I say more?! Satisfy your cravings at KRAVE Restobar!


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