PhilAm Life: Awakening A Dragon In All Of Us!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Life is a little complicated in the Philippines, but there are surely a lot of things unique in this place that you have to be thankful for. We are indeed a melting pot of culture, some sort of East meets West in its truest sense. Though we owe our identities to these other races, ours is a unique blend of Malay, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, American, Japanese and others merged together; giving us this natural tan most foreigners envy.

Since we've adapted to these cultures, they also have something in store to exchange with our culture. China has been time in memorial a trading partner of the Philippines. They also have communities built within our cities which coincidentally is also the oldest CHINATOWN in the world! Going to BINONDO has always been a treat for me because the food is a whole other story. This time I went there for the Chinese New Year celebration! This is the year of the Water Dragon! So the drums did beat like so!

The color red flooded Ongpin and the streets of Binondo. I asked my friends immediately what was this for? Why the grand celebration? It apparently has always been this way.

Celebrities hosted the event. This was for the launching of the new DRAGON that PHILAM LIFE has. Yes ladies and gentlemen, a new dragon just arrived in BINONDO... but it's not your ordinary run of the mill dragon, it's a GIANT DRAGON!

These lions were the welcoming committee!

Then the GIANT DRAGON came along! OMG!

This is the start of the parade therefore the EYE DOTTING CEREMONY will commence first. The GIANT DRAGON was blindfolded. Awakening it needed this particular ceremony to be done.

The weight of the head itself is no joke, they had to make 3 to 5 tired but STRONG people carry it not to mention around 80-100 strong men to carry its body. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this is probably the BIGGEST dragon there is in the country!

President and CEO Rex A. Mendoza says "Philam Life has been at the forefront of the Philippine life insurance market. Our strong brand name and ability to deliver on our promises have made us a trusted partner in securing the future of our customers. Bringing this Giant Dragon in the picture was but a commitment and homage to the Chinese Community who has been sternly supporting us through the years. We were renting dragons the previous years and decided to make one of our own. We got the BIGGEST and imported it from Hong Kong to show how much we value our relationships with the community." he added.

I hope you learn a few things from that. =)

When the GIANT PHILAM LIFE DRAGON arrived at the front of their Binondo office, the eye dotting ceremony was done. Photo above shows President/CEO Rex A. Mendoza putting in red paint on the eyes, tongue, ears, mouth, teeth, nostrils and the spine of the dragon. If it has to be done, it has to be done properly.

Miss Earth - Water was there!

Ms. Chinese Philippines was there too! Now just look at how statuesque she looks like from afar. She was probably 6'4 if I was not mistaken, very beautiful!

Photo above shows how long the GIANT DRAGON is. It must have extended from the PhilAm Life Binondo Branch to the edge of the Bridge of Binondo. It was really long!

PhilAm Life Binondo branch also unveiled their new signage on the facade of the building. People were already flocking the whole street. It was festive! It was all red! This was my first taste of Chinese Lunar New Year and I really felt that I was part of the celebration. Dong Yuei must have been smiling at this time!

We also got balloons and tied up our wishes on it. It apparently will come true. I won't say what I wished for but it would be nice if it does come true haha!

In hindsight, PhilAm Life celebrates the year of the Water Dragon with all of us because they know how to value culture, people and you. It was really proper with their theme "Anong plano mo? Usap tayo!" because they want you to see the bigger picture. Whatever your plan is, whatever your dreams are, they want you to realize it with industry experts and their people helping you. If you think you can't do it, they can make it happen. So make sure you ask someone from PhilAm Life, it doesn't matter how small or big your plans are... they probably have something designed for you. Later on this year they have big plans for the BPO industry professionals, make sure you avail that! Because PhilAm Life believes that there is a DRAGON to awake in all of us!

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pusangkalye said...

ma experience nga rin ang Chinese new year sa Binondo next year.mukhang masaya.sandali---asan na Tikoy ko?lols

el toro bumingo said...

Pulang-pula ang mga pics ah! :)