Maja Salvador and Matteo Gudiccelli for My Cactus Heart

Monday, January 23, 2012

When you want someone in your life and you find him/her, you have to go all the way to get his/her heart... but what if you don't know that you are afraid to do so?! What if you were the last one to know you couldn't love because you fear the things that come with it? That's exactly what Maja Salvador and Matteo Gudiccelli found out in this movie promptly called My Cactus Heart. I was so excited to be invited for their blog conference!

Famed Director Enrico Santos, Maja Salvador and Matteo Gudiccelli. It was nice to see Maja again and I was giddy to ask them about their roles in the movie. I've met her during the Thelma blog con, this is the first time for Direk and Matteo... they found the ambiance so different from regular press cons and I like that fact.

Direk Enrico Santos never found it hard to get some sort of chemistry between Maja and Matteo. He remembers how everything started between him and her since when they filmed this over a span of 1 year, everything was different. Matteo has abs, Maja was a little off putting with his leading man... but true love prevailed with these two... now they are the sweethearts everyone has also fallen inlove with. Direk also says Xian's role is the perfect counter role to Matteo who plays innocently in his starring role. Classy and proper versus Innocent and sweet, he wants to show this particular choice for Maja's character... and how she in the end finds who she really loves!

It wasn't so hard for these two to get into character because they say there are similarities in real life. It wasn't too hard to shy away from their roles in My Binondo Girl since the span of shooting this film was longer. The characters they portrayed is from another world but the interesting twists and turns how she believes in love again was something to look forward to.

I love every instance Maja answers some intriguing questions about Matteo. It always feels like they are so inlove with each other. Blogcon pa lang kinikilig na, what more the movie! Matteo had a blast shooting this film, he found each moment funny because Maja was eagerly impressing him while shooting. That includes a scene while rappelling and getting her hands hurt in the process. All for Matteo hehe.

They are both quite nervous about this film and how it would fare in the market. They trust Star Cinema's decision because they know that Maja and Matteo are ready. I wouldn't say otherwise. If you want to see their love story, you should definitely watch this film because aside from the movie itself... you get to see how their real life relationship bloomed into something so NICE!

If you want to learn to love again, learn that love can be a beautiful thing and you don't have to be afraid then watch this movie. Matinik umibig so they say in relationships but there is something to look forward to. To find someone that was intended for you is the greatest thing that you will ever see, hear or learn in this world. This film will be out on January 25, so please do yourself a favor and watch it!

P.S. Thanks for noticing me from the crowd Matteo! I have nothing to say but thanks! :)


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