Loving PENSHOPPE In Three Ways This Summer!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Classy, mysterious, good looking and hot in all the right places... that's Ed Westwick for you. Fresh from the pages of the best fashion magazines and showbiz talk shows in the US, he went to the Philippines just for PENSHOPPE. You can't resist his gazing eyes, the way he looks at you when he wears the best casual shirts and pants like only Chuck Bass can. Seriously, he was every girls dream and every man's envy last year, are you ready for what Penshoppe has in store for you?! Are you up for more of Ed Westwick and his British charms?!

Oh Yes You Will! Ed Westwick for Penshoppe this summer!

A simple smile can send girls and some guys shrieking their lungs out for this gorgeous boy from Thailand. Conquering every facet of media in his homeland and international films released abroad, Mario Maurer went to the Philippines last year. We had the chance to see him in the flesh and be charmed on how he carried shirts, varsity jackets and jeans from PENSHOPPE making each piece become sold out in a matter of hours! I wasn't surprised how he made women's knees weak; and get all the TV stations glued in on his every move because pretty soon he will be gracing Manila's silver screen too. He's appearing with local actress Erich Gonzales so watch out for that! In the meantime, have you had your fill of Mario Maurer lately?! Ask yourself!

What does Mario Maurer have in his sleeves this summer?!
Does PENSHOPPE know?! Of course! =)

Her charming, gorgeous girl next door looks definitely had made men want her and the clothes she wear. Modelling for PENSHOPPE a few years back, we now look at a new Solenn Heussaff carrying this brand beyond traditional media. She now sings, acts and still put her foot on the runway exuding confidence in everything she does. Solenn truly exemplifies every woman that wears PENSHOPPE and what she achieves to be. How can you not love someone like her? How can you not notice what she wears? Do you even know how much Solenn adores PENSHOPPE?!

If Solenn LOVES Penshoppe, are you just gonna stand there and watch from the sidelines?!
Are you ready for Solenn Heussaff and PENSHOPPE this summer?!


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ZaiZai said...

leveling talaga ang endosers ng penshoppe!

John Bueno said...

@zai true! And syempre kasya sayo yan! :)

el toro bumingo said...

I love Mario Maurer! I hope he'll do another gay-themed movie :)