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Monday, January 30, 2012

It looks like my February just got even better! Imagine the soft - sweet chocolate goodness running through your mouth uttering the words I LOVE YOU this season. Toblerone - the one and only phenomenal pyramid shaped chocolate bar is out to give you that special treat this Valentines season with their new promo promptly called "TOBLERONE VALENTINE'S PROMO". Make sense! LOL!

Have you ever thought of your own DREAM DATE?! Do you know when or where it'll be?! Or how it took place and just became so perfect that you can't forget it?! That special moment is the one Toblerone is looking for and this contest is so easy to join!

Two easy things to follow:

1. Take a picture of yourself and a loved one featuring a Toblerone chocolate with an “I Love You” sleeve and/or the other special Valentine edition Toblerone sleeves in the picture.

The more creative your photo is, the more chances you'll get picked!

2. Submit it on with your dream date write-up.


2. Email the picture to along with a description of your most creative dream date. Make sure to include your full name, email address, home address, and contact number.

Just take a moment and enjoy this Valentines season and you could be the lucky boy or girl that will get the chance to win a 50,000 peso worth dream date for you and your loved one! Isn't that neat?!

For complete mechanics of this contest just check out this link!


Remember that the chances of winning are dependent on the creativity of the picture, the creativity of the writeup, and the number of likes on their picture. If you've got so much love this season it's time to get you and your friends in this contest too! Have them participate liking your entry and you'll surely win that coveted prize!

Dream dates anyone!?


Toblerone Valentine's Promo is now extended until the end of February. So make sure you get those entries in and get your votes cast now! What are you waiting for?! :)


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el toro bumingo said...

Bigla naman akong naglaway hehe. Gusto ko tuloy ng Toblerone :)