OKLMSSV (OK Lang Maging Single Sa Valentines!) - A Concert by Yeng Constantino

Friday, January 13, 2012

Do you ask yourself if "OK LANG MAGING SINGLE SA VALENTINES!?". Honestly I don't know; but one great concert artist is out to answer that question come February 3 at the Music Museum. Yeng Constantino brought the house down on her last concert at the Aliw Theater. Now that she's performing at the Music Museum, she promises to treat those who don't really have someone special this season. I mean, she's got a point! Why in the world does it have to always be the lovers... why can't the single guys and gals also have fun?! =)

I got the chance to throw a couple of questions and first asked why is she SO thin? Yes ladies and gentlemen as you can see on the photo Yeng Constantino is so thin! Did I just say that again?! LOL! She candidly replied that some folks actually found her fat when she had her concert at the ALIW theater (of course I didn't believe her!); while she didn't feel like it at that time, she watched her video and she felt (somehow shocked to see) that she looked a little big at that time so she got on a diet that fast. Just look at her now, totally different from the last time we saw her. She feels more confident now than ever! Although she doesn't want folks to see that she's giving in to pressures like that, she personally wanted to have a body like a rocker. Her personal peg was Gwen Stefani/PINK and so we kinda got her point. She wanted to have some cuts and she's planning to work on that next phase soon. Though in my books, she's still the pretty Yeng we know. I personally like how she's so passionate about her craft, which brings us to the next question I got from Krissy and Ericka... they wanted to know where Yeng got her passion?!

photo from Cornerstone Productions
(Jojit Lorenzo)

She thought about it for a few seconds and uttered "Hmmm.." She says her passion is innate, it was something she always knew from the very beginning; she always knew that she was born to perform. She told anecdotes of her as a young child performing on tables for a measly five pesos that her Dad would gladly give. In those times she always felt so good about it... that was already bliss for her! I asked her about the time she cried in the ASAP Christmas Special and told us that it was because her Mom was in the audience and she really felt connected to the song at that time (Sa Ugoy Ng Duyan). She felt she did a lot of horrible things back then when she was struggling to be a musician but now she understands that her Mom was only protecting her and had dreams for her at that time. She told us that she continued to cry even after that number and if her Mom and Dad weren't there at that time she must have messed up her make up not thinking she had a couple of numbers after that.

Take a bite of Yeng Constantino at the Music Museum February 3!
photo from Cornerstone Productions

(Jojit Lorenzo)

She also told us that she's single and she wanted to have fun at this time of the year. She didn't want us in the same boat to merely watch those who are in a relationship enjoy the occasion while we all sit in the corner and be emo. She wants this to be like a Singles Party where everyone at any age and any relationship status would have a rockin time just like in any of her other concerts. She will also be releasing something NOT HEARD from her albums or concerts before. Plus she's going to have something played on the screens later on in the eve of February 3 at 8PM. This show is produced by Jack Rufo of famed ASAP Sessionistas; win cooperation with Cornerstone Concerts and major sponsors RRJ, Quilabet. This is directed by Dido Camara. Yeng and Cornerstone would like to thank RRH, Let's Face It, Orange Magazine TV.com, MYX and Magic 89.9. You guys should definitely watch out for this! Because it is true! Ok Lang (naman talaga) Maging Single Sa Valentines!

/*This is for the benefit of Bosom Buddies - a group of breast cancer survivors. This is for a good cause!


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Sey said...

Sayang Friday ang concert niya ( Febraury 3) magandang event pa naman sana yun to go out with my friend na mahilig sa music. Tapos for a good cause yung concert.

caloy said...

gusto ko sana manood. kaso may pasok ako. LOL nakakahiya naman mag-VL agad. :)

glentot said...

I like Yeng because she writes her own songs and I respect artists who do.

John Bueno said...

@SEY naku kelangan mo mag leave at mapanuod yan, sulit!

@caloy sige na wag na mahiya mag VL na

@Glennglenn ikaw naman dapat ding magsulat no! Dami nagaantay sayo wala pa ding update! namumuti na mata namin!