SUMOSAM: Authentic Bento in the Metro!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Who's up for Japanese food?! I know I am! Well don't despair if you can't think of anything to eat this lunch break because SUMOSAM just came out with a new BENTO BOX line that you'll surely love! I got first dibs on it last weekend!

The Samurai's Choice

Samurai's Choice Yokozuna Bento

This is the premier BENTO Box that they have in the SUMOSAM store - Gilmore. Taking a peek at what's in store for me that afternoon was part of the excitement. Since this is the first time they are serving this I immediately thought of who can actually best benefit from this scrumptious Japanese meal!

1. Business people who love lunch meetings
2. Love birds who fondly take chopsticks and feed each other
3. Families who want kids to sit beside them and wallop different things for lunch
4. Those who are in a hurry but need a big meal, less fuss, more substance
5. For Samurais
6. For everybody!

Let me just do a rundown of what this particular meal entails. I'll section it off with how the serving was done in this HUGE YOKOZUNA BENTO BOX!

Beef Misono (US Beef Knuckle) and Yasai Itame (Sauteed Vegetables)

Soft chewy slices of beef and sauteed veggies rule this corner of the box. Don't you just love Beef Misono that's sweet and salty partnered with piping HOT GOHAN aka white rice! The beef smell was invigorating though I wanted it to be a little more salty, good thing they've got soy available in cute little clay teapot containers so you can adjust to your own taste.

Cute Soy Sauce container and Iced tea.

The Iced tea was nice, twas not too sweet! It was a little tangy in fact. It does make a difference if you put slivers of lemon on it. It becomes a tad fresher!

Dory Tepan with bean sprouts and Yasai Itame

We all love those fish fillet pieces on the YOKOZUNA Bento, it was lightly seared on TEPAN which is another name for an iron griddle. In Japan and in the US, there are even restaurants based on this particular way of cooking. SUMOSAM knows this is a hit and this fish by far is the most adored in restaurants in the metro so why not make this a part of the SAMURAIS CHOICE YOKOZUNA BENTO. Not to mention the crunchy bean sprouts that come with it.

Dried Anchovies aka Dilis

Right smack at the center of the YOKOZUNA Bento box was a load full of dried anchovies aka dilis. It's a staple to most of us who dig this at breakfast but their version is kind of sweeter. The sugar coating is eminent which is kind of surprising since most Japanese would probably have this fresh and lightly toasted. The fried dilis in this case probably was cooked that way to keep it crunchy so as to contrast the rest of the things in the bento. I guess everything has to be balanced, so there really is like a thought process in putting these things together. The texture itself was a delight to experience. Soft, hard, mushy, to crunchy! Oishi desu ne!

Gohan - plain white rice jazzed up quite so nice!

Tuna and Salmon Sashimi, plus Kani stick

It's pink, it's raw and I like it that way. I like what they did on this particular portion; neat slices of Tuna and Salmon plus a couple of sticks of Kana (Crab Sticks) just was so good in its dipping sauce of thick soy and wasabe. You can tell the freshness because it ain't fishy at all. The tuna and salmon was firm to the bite and you can actually get a hint of sweetness out of it. I love sashimi! Their Samurai's Choice YOKOZUNA BENTO BOX hits the spot in all the right places!

Since I love Sushi, look who came in to make us one!

Chef Marvin Agustin for SUMOSAM

Oh yes ladies, he's my personal Chef! Anyone want to have lunch with me now?! (Joke!) Kidding aside, Chef Marvin Agustin personally prepared two sushi dishes for us.


And in a couple of minutes he came out of the kitchen carrying these!

The Las Vegas Sushi Roll - coined from their trips abroad composed of Kane Sticks, Scallops with a helping of flame melted Mozzarella Cheese on top. If there's anything cheesy on it count me in!

The Dynamite Roll - one of Marvin's favorites that's got tuna with a spicy kick! I loved these two that I had to order extras to take home. =) It was VERY spicy and I LOVE how they went out of their way to make it like that. I love spicy food!

GMA Marketing Manager Ricky Laudico part owner of SUMOSAM expresses his excitement in this new restaurant in Gilmore. This together with other nightspots in that new district seem to be really doing well. Even the locals are their patrons too. Loving this new YOKOZUNA BENTO Meals will surely be like second nature. SUMOSAM is surely gonna have a lot of customers coming their way now that YOKOZUNA BENTO Meals are available!


With a wide array of YOKOZUNA BENTO Choices at different price points there's always a perfect one for you. I recommend the Samurai's Choice though so you can get to taste them all! Isn't that amazing?!

Plus it's right beside a Seattle's Best Coffee branch. I like their Mocha Javakula and you might wanna spend a couple of hours digesting there; catch up with friends or your special loved ones over coffee right after your SUMOSAM lunch.


Both are perfect joints to talk and make that special connection. Make sure you drop by their place soon!



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Stacy said...

Wow! Parang masarap ah.  I want to try the Salmon bento.

kumagcow said...

I love the tuna though, salmot to me was a little too fishy, baka umatake allergy ko hehe LOL

el toro bumingo said...

I'm not a fan of sushi... but I enjoy other Japanese foods like... Ramen! :)