A Toast for 2012!

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Christmas and New Year celebrations are not complete without the essentials. We whipped up a couple of regulars like ham, pasta, salad and of course the dessert! People in this side of the world usually gain 5-10 pounds because of the season and that is considered normal. What I mostly like about this time is the change to give and receive wine gift baskets. With family and friends around; you'll never have a dull moment for sure. We'll have lots of fun from here on!

The fact is, every celebration should end and start with a toast! With all the celebrities, famous people I've met this year and the hundreds of blog citizens I got to meet; it's so nice to rejoice and have that perfect MERLOT, SAUVIGNON BLANC or bubbly whilst clinking those glasses for the next year! With a sunny disposition, a clear mind and a great set of friends cheering me on I'm sure 2012 will be even better. There will be huge changes in the coming weeks so bear with me if you experience down times. While reading some of my entries this time last year, it looks like I took leaps and bounds in this craft. I hope I can continue to experience a lot of things this year so I can tell you the stories like you were there. That's my goal after all. It's that and something that would make the statement "I CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN" a reality. Cheers for 2012 and let's all drink to that!



Allen said...

Happy New Years! :D

ZaiZai said...

happy new year kumagcow!!! :)