Celebrating Chinese New Year at SM MALLS!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It was so nice! It was so fun! I had to brace myself and watch the great things they did at the SM North Edsa - The Block to celebrate the Chinese New Year! Hosted by Christ Tiu and Richard Yap aka Papa Chen as the Emperor they presented a tale of how the celebration came about and what nice things there are to see in this event! I was so excited I got to see a couple of kids and teens strut their stuff on Wushu and the Dragon/Lion Dance. Check this out!

WUSHU Exhibition!

Guys and kids lined up!

They showed real Kung Fu like things you can do with a Spear!

Long Sword!

Broad Sword!

Wooden Staff!

Flying Kicks!

Fans! Yeah just like the movies!

Katas.. just like in Karate and Taek Won Do

Flying kicks + Swords!

I couldn't believe a mall like SM North Edsa - The Block would go all the way to celebrate Chinese New Year. They've also got a huge Golden Dragon displayed on the activity area so if you are in the mood to take some photos with your family in this festive season, this is the place to be! Come over to SM MALLS this January and have fun, fun, fun!

Dragon Dance and Lion Dance!

As if the show wasn't enough, they got a Dragon to come out and impressively show and exhibition. I didn't know it was this complicated, it was my first time to see it up close!

Now whoever said that this was easy must be dead now... imagine carrying an extra person on top of your head, I'm serious! I thought they put them on their shoulders but OMG its on their head! A simple nod or look on the side would make the other guy fall off. Then since most people don't think that's dangerous, they have a huge obstacle course to climb up to. They jumped from chair to chair, table to table then jumped back! Sometimes even on top of their head! OMG!

It's this FUN in the PHILIPPINES, it's this fun at SM CITY NORTH EDSA - The Block! Make sure your next shopping and fun destination would be at any SM Mall near you!

PS - Thank you so much to the people at SM who accommodated us! xoxo

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