3D VIZION: Changing the Advertising Landscape Worldwide!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Before I do give you first dibs on this one, let me ask you something. Do you know what 2D or 3D is?!


A 2 dimensional figure would only show you 2 sides; a flat surface; this actually accounts for mostly all the posters, tarpaulin ads you see on the street which doesn't really do anything because its plain and simple. 3D on the other hand makes this a whole lot different. You get depth of field and you get a perspective. Now with that already out, have you seen 3D Vizion?!

Seeing a glimpse of the future this would only mean that things will change in the landscape of the entire advertising industry. You will see a lot of things in a different way. Ms. Katrina Bantug, 3D Vizion's CEO and President talked about this huge change and how they want to do it in the Philippine landscape. This is somehow a redesign of how we do advertising; but when I saw what she was talking about this happened!

We saw 3D advertising for the first time and can't believe how far it popped out of the screen. Imagine beer commercials with the actual can out of the picture floating in your living room or your favorite mall! How about going to the casino with all the chips floating in midair after you hit the jackpot?! Your favorite cartoon series and the fight scene outside the TV sets like you are right beside them while kicking and punching. Some characters even rode an airplane and you can literally see the plane with its wings sticking out of the screen. Some way, somehow you feel it, you see it and you know why people open their mouths this much because of one thing. That's 3D Vizion!

I can't describe how much I love the experience of seeing this up close, these photos really do no justice. I didn't have to wear those unhygienic 3D glasses anymore. It's just so AMAZING in one word!

They have indeed studied the market and with this installed in almost every single corner where there is traffic, they saw a substantial amount of increase in catching the attention of the consumers. Imagine now if you were the company or person who got your product out in the market with this technology which is estimated to be 10 years ahead of it's time. You will get the mileage you need for the amount of money you spend for advertising. It's going to make every cent count and that's going to mean a lot of savings. Soft and pretty.

What's also great is that this particular venture is Filipino owned. The corporation is founded by Katrina Bantug, Mohan Kulkarni with DEMIKK Holdings, Inc. and the brand is represented by Ruben Tiu. It's definitely a relief that this technology and its use is not going to someone else's hand. It's just one thing to be proud of after another. If you want to take advantage of 3D VIZION please check out their website http://3dvscreens.com/ and blow away the competition! Don't be afraid to try it out and call them for a demo! I'm sure whoever gets first hand on what they offer would surely lead the pack!

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