Markki Stroem = G-FORCE Pair Up on Make Me Sweat - A Sexy Valentine Show!

Monday, January 16, 2012

This year, everyone's on a diet and I'm no different. I need to entertain myself in one way or another and what better way to do this but by just seeing sexy people and get inspired... not to mention hot talented ones... I've seen them all this week and who in the right mind wouldn't want to see them?!

Hot Markki Stroem (of Pilipinas Got Talen Fame; finalist of the same show) will be having SEXY + sizzling concert together with GFORCE and its matriarch Georcelle Dapat this February 4 at the Music Museum in Greenhills, San Juan. This Filipino Norwegian will surely spark the delight of women when he gets to sing standards and a couple of pop songs in his repertoire. We got the chance to talk to him a couple of days ago and it was my first time to meet him.

Not in this attire of course! He was a little preppy.

He looks so good. Apparently he's in the gym more often now because he'll be showing quite a LOT in this concert with GFORCE. To tell you honestly I didn't know what genre he sings or what his forte was before this day.

It was refreshing to see someone very passionate; in this bit he was trying to explain to us his kind of music. We really got what he meant about having to talk someone in the same mental state as he is.

He sang a few songs and actually, I like how he wanted to stay a little on the artistic side of things. He sings VERY good and I'm not just saying that for show. He's planning to put up an album soon with some kind of bluesy-jazz feel to it. I like what he's doing, staying true to his craft and music. He's got the face, the body, the talent. What more can you ask for this February 4?! (Nakakainis lang no? Ang perfect LOL!)

Now if you think Markki Stroem can't be the sole thing that would convince you to go to this concert, let's add in the gorgeous GFORCE in the mix!

GFORCE has been in the industry for years now and continually producing world class dancers for shows like ASAP Rocks + Concerts for artists here and abroad. Ms. Georcelle Dapat-Sy says she actually just doesn't train dancers; because what she trains are choreographers, to make them full spectrum artists. She believes a lot of doors have been opened to them because of the hard work and sacrifices of these men and women; so the only thing to payback the stern support they have been getting from these shows is to make sure that the quality of their dances would be at par or even more than the rest of the world. She believes in these girls and I mean who wouldn't; I saw them the last time when they performed during the ASAP Rocks That's Christmas! Special and I was astounded by the talent shown by these individuals. They are classy yet hardcore. Gearing up for this concert with Markki Stroem she believes would make them even more sexy than the usual, definitely hotter than the previous shows they've been to. Apparently they will give the audience something to talk about when they leave Music Museum as they will depict extreme artistic interpretations of what the real "SEXY" is.

Are you going to just sit around there and wait for something to happen? Why not go to Music Museum on February 4, 8PM so that Markky Stroem and GFORCE show you "Make Me Sweat - A Sexy Valentine Show" the sexiest concert evah on the planet! xoxo

Tickets available on Ticketworld so call 8919999 or 3514252 now!

/*This is for the benefit of Bosom Buddies - a group of breast cancer survivors. This is for a good cause!


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