A Great and Healthy Night With Soyami

Sunday, January 29, 2012

It was a wonderful evening of getting introduced to great products whilst having dinner at Tourne at the Fort Strip. Everyone knows the healthy benefits of Soy and how it has surpassed just being the plain jane taho/tofu in the Philippines... and now there's more things to rave about!

Yeap! That's Marc Nelson!

Some of you probably ask "How in the world does a Marc Nelson/Rovilson Fernandez ever look so good?! Why in the world do they have hot bodies!?" and "Why does kumagcow look a little fat?! LOL?!" Well that's simple to answer because Marc Nelson and Rovlison have better, ultra healthy food choices. I also haven't been going to the gym these past few months... hence the sculptured German physique I have now. (hehe)

Filipinos love to eat; and consequently LOVE to snack. I don't even know anyone who doesn't have a sarisari store nearby or a restaurant to go to when hunger strikes. Our diet is a mix of east and west so we kind of already have a saturated mix of food, that entails those that are healthy and not so healthy ones. As we continue to grow efforts to eat right at this day and age they spurred an idea of making chips out of these soya beans but prepared them in a special way. That's where SOYAMI Chips comes into the picture!

It comes in WHITE CHEDDAR!

also Pizza!

And my favorite the Original flavor! I can dip this in hummus or low fat Sour Cream/Yogurt and ooh can I just say I LOVE IT!? =)

A dietician from Fitness First Club was there too to give us advice on how to have a healthy life and of course WELLNESS. Ms. Apple Rosales from SOYAMI who initially had this idea of serving healthy snacks for kids in her play pen business approached and told us about the SOYAMI Story and how it came about. She was so nice and bubbly, very enthusiastic too about the other new things they have launched. She was so excited about the potential of getting this out in the market. I love the these too!

Soyami Oatmeal Cookies, not too sweet and just right for that fiber fix. For those who want to have better digestion, a couple of these everyday can probably get you going.

The usual bread sticks you get on dinners just got jazzed up and fortified with Soya as their new Soya Stix in 3 different flavors won't disappoint you! I love this CHILI flavor so much that I refused to share it with my Dad! LOL! He got the garlic one though!

For the sweet tooth, why not have this better tasting Puto Seko to satisfy your cravings. I love how they got native this time. I put this in the fridge for later consumption but I kept opening and closing til the next day. Then POOF! nobody saw it again hehehe!

SOYAMI also partnered with Tree Hugger in this event. Yes! it's that great brand that not only sells excellent corn/recycled paper based pens, highlighters and pencils but with every Treehugger Pen you buy contributes to planting more trees in Philippine forests. They are also a big partner of HARIBON foundation; one of the leading nature conservation institutions in the Philippines. You should check out these special tree loving pens on all Papemelroti stores/kiosks or specialty shops nationwide! I didn't use the pen they gave me because they were so pretty LOL!

The nice and bubbly chef of Tourne. Visit them at the Fort Strip, Bonifacio Global City! Right in front of Fitness First! (image from Soyami FB Page)

Food served at the event were Soyami-inspired dishes courtesy of Tourne Executive Chef Sandralyn Hataway. I bet you would love the Mac and Cheese with Alugbati (which is my personal favorite!). It's like real deal slow cooked comfort food but without the guilt!

I would have loved to have a few seconds with him but he was busy entertaining people. I wanted to ask some questions but too bad. Anyway you are doing a good job Marc Nelson! I wish you all the success in this new venture!

The good people from FaceOne took time to explain to us what their products are from and how it can help in a lot of ways to maintain skin health.

Funny labels on these skin whitening, oil control and anti bacterial products from FaceOne eh?! I'll be trying out some of these and see how they fare against some of the best ones out in the market. Will this be great for men?! I hope so. Though right from the get go it looks quite natural and that's a plus in my books! You should get one of these and test them out, the whitening lotions and toner works for me though... you should definitely try it out! Throw away those hard fuel based products that you have and go natural instead!

I love the Suncoast products I won that evening. It's probably going to be a whole different ballgame now while I'm working out at the gym. The Vit Water tastes great too! For those who prefer a more natural electrolyte enhanced drink try the Lightwater, it's gonna boost your gusto for more activities for sure!

Congratulations Soyami for a very successful bloggers night and to the winners of the blog contests have a wonderful year ahead of you, you must have been really special to be chosen by the owners of SOYAMI so be proud of that!


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