A Small Talk with Krissy and Ericka; Twelve: Fifty One

Thursday, January 12, 2012


rissy and Ericka is so fine! I admit I'm one of those who initially didn't know them before an interview I did for MCA a couple of months back. Not to be branded living under a rock I researched about them a bit and ended up in Youtube. This is their side of the social media planet; and judging from the response of the people I'm not surprised that they are where they are right now. Listening to one of their songs in the past, I am more than impressed with what they have to offer in their new album. Their music definitely now has become a notch higher. It still stayed very personal and you can feel something very special when they attack their covers/original songs. It's something that you should listen to when its raining, curling up by the window while holding a cup of cocoa or crying just with the left eye. It's really that comforting. Some dub them as the Philippines own M2M but in my books they are their own artists, definitely catering to the teeny boppers and love stricken ones... Krissy and Ericka will come and infect you with their brand of music. It makes you feel so positive even when you had a bad day.

If you still don't get what I mean, check this video out with the snippets of their new album promptly called Krissy and Ericka Twelve: Fifty One.

1. Rewind featuring AJ Rafael
2. Rolling In The Deep
3. 12:51
4. That Should Be Me
5. Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)
6. Back To December
7. In Your Arms
8. Rocketeer featuring The Lamars
9. Love The Way You Lie 2
10. Anything featuring Marie Digby
Plus a BONUS Track!
11. Change The World


Don't you just feel that the song choice was just too personal? Krissy told us that the story behind the title of their album and carrier single is that she made this song in the wee hours of the morning. Being the insomniac that she is, she felt that this song was built at that hour when she felt so alive and creative. True enough, when you listen to them sing its like they know that the story is about you... They feel what you feel and somehow somewhere it was all meant to be for you... I asked about the song choices and they said that it was a collaboration between them and MCA music. The label gave them a lot of lee way as far as the song choices were concerned and that definitely spells artistic freedom! It's like a combination of the ones they tested out on Youtube that were widely appreciated and modern ones suggested by the producers. The 4 original songs were REALLY good and the covers OMG I just can't contain myself how impressed I was with it!

Krissy and Ericka knows how blessed they are and on that day when we met them was the first time they also saw their new album fresh from the studios. The mood was ecstatic! Even I was so happy for them! All the hard work they put on this paid off because let's face it... critics like me are hard to please, but I really really LOVE it!


They are now also venturing out into the Southeast Asian Music scene as they will be on a tour to countries like Hard Rock Cafe - Jakarta in Indonesia (January 13), Drama Center Theater Singapore on the 16th and Malaysia's Bentley Auditorium on January 14th among others. Watch out also for their shows in Manila after this tour!


If you want to download Krissy and Ericka's music just text KANDE to 3456 on all networks! Capisce?!

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ZaiZai said...

very laid back nga ang music nila. hope their album will do well :)

John Bueno said...

@Zai indeed.. sana nga now that they are gunning for Southeast Asia, they are performing in Jakarta as we speak :)