Watch Out for Prison Dancer: An Interactive Musical Web Series

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

When you watched the inmates of CEBU dance to the tunes of artists like Michael Jackson, Madonna, Lady Gaga and stare at awe how this great number of people do it like it was so easy; then you are in for a treat because it has now become a musical! Yes ladies and gentlemen, imagine these guys hitting those tunes and shaking their booties to songs reminiscent of Miss Saigon/Glee. I saw some awesome clips this evening and OMG it was definitely world class I'd probably mistake this for something within the ranks of broadway!

Hell this would probably give Glee/Hairspray a run for their money. I wanna see hardened criminals, people who violated their parole and a lot of other characters never before seen in international television/mediums like youtube/facebook. I wonder what they will do with the interactive part and how this would eventually land in public TV too. This is a first of its kind I think and from the production, to editing, to cinematography, the actors, it'll be big I tell you! Best of all, it's hilarious you'll wet yourself a couple of times!

Oh and did I mention Mikey Bustos is here too? Yeap! Watch out in a few days as I interview them only here at KUMAGCOW.COM... KAPOW!


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