The Scandalous Sy Family Dinner

Monday, January 30, 2012

It was a grand night meeting bloggers from north to south. Since it was Chinese New Year fever a few weeks ago, a secret invite was sent out to bloggers indicating an event at Mango Tree Bistro. Though the menu was more on the Thai side we were definitely treated to a festive Chinese inspired theme party complete with the drama that goes in with it. Yeap! We were all in for a surprise!

The Dinner was served!

Tom Yum Soup, if it has shrimp I can't eat it... I'm allergic sorry!

Thai Green Curry, this was nice! I love Thai food specially this one if it was extra hot!

Sauteed Squid, this was okay. I took a bite but didn't get too much of it otherwise I'll have allergies :)

This is by far my favorite on their menu, breaded tofu! It was good!

I love Chicken Satays and this one was made more special because of the skewers made with lemon grass. It changes the flavor so much, I love it!

Light and refreshing this concoction of peach, lychee and bits of beets (I guess) was a hit!

After having dinner, the SY FAMILY came out and gave a few words.

They thanked everyone who came to this dinner that they hosted. It was kind of unclear to me why they did this but I went along with the drama. They introduced their sons next.

Da gei/Ge ge or older brother a scholar, an accomplished businessman and the Dad was very proud of him.

Didi or Younger Brother- an athlete that won several gold medals, always on top of class.

Then the youngest one barged in. Later on we found out that she was affected by the ROTA Virus which caused her to have diarrhea and other complications at an early age. This hampered her developmental skills and so she was a little rowdy as you might have guessed. Did you know that thousands of kids actually have this in the Philippines?! Mostly in their infancy and it does affect their skills later on in life.

The Dad didn't understand why his child was like this initially... but without the understanding of the parents and her siblings she wouldn't have a normal life. Underachiever, childish and pretty late in learning her cognitive skills were not as advanced as those people of her age. This is the after effects of the ROTA Virus. It's the second highest cause of death in the Philippines for kids ages 5 and below.

A Doctor and representative from GSK actually explained to us that there are several vaccines now available in the market that could prevent this from happening to children.

I still adore her though. We sat right next to each other while doing a couple of games with regards to guessing some viruses and diseases. We should have won, but you know there are cheaters hahaha. (joke!)

Good thing the Doctor said that the DOH is doing headway on making a national campaign against this virus. I'm sure pretty soon that there will be better health programs that would even make this particular vaccine available in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Thank you so much to GSK for keeping us informed, we really enjoyed this night. Sorry I was really noisy that evening, it really shows how much I enjoyed meeting everyone! =)

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ZaiZai said...

nakakagutom naman :) sayang allergic ka pala sa seafood :(

John Bueno said...

@zai yup unfortunately kahit uminom ako ng gamot ganun pa din :(

el toro bumingo said...

Those dishes looks really spicy! BTW, I love your pictures. What brand and model of camera are you using?