Thursday, January 19, 2012

Meeting them once again is like meeting legendary rock stars. True enough, they have surpassed the years of being identified with foreign bands that Filipinos usually associate them with. They have proven that they have their own kind of music, they have their own set of fans and they have their new album out on stores. Yes ladies and gentlemen, SLAPSHOCK just released their 7th studio album entitled "Kinse Kalibre"! And that's the part where WE say it's about time!

*Artwork and Photography by Team Manila and my Sensei Xander Angeles!

This particular album was supposed to be out last year when I interviewed them but a couple of things hindered the release. Apart from the creative process this particular album was actually scored elsewhere outside the country; Malaysia in particular where they found some of our ASEAN friends handy. I guess this stemmed from the time they did some projects together do you remember this one?!

Aside from that they have mastering done in the US too so this particular album isn't like the previous ones solely because of the hard work put into this. I was so mesmerized when they talked about how this has been a culmination of everything that they are in the 15 years in the music industry. Their music has definitely changed because of the things they used in making music now. They can literally have the best hardware and sound engineering so their pieces come out like they've just gone out the studio. They didn't really have any qualms about it because they know everything is being done so that only the best would be given to you, their loyal fans. Filipino music has definitely come a long way with these guys who in-vibe poetry, great musicality and the sound that fits what Slapshock has been doing for years now.

Ngayon Na, their latest single just topped the MYX charts last week and continues to be quite a force to reckon with in the top 10. I'm sure the fans won't let this GREAT composition down anytime soon. It's loud yet clean sound is evident in every track (which gets my respect in sound engineering) when I listened to it this morning. It's something that would definitely perk you up if you want to start your day with a great storyline and brand new sound that Slapshock told us about.

I hope you guys enjoy my personal favorites "Langit" and "Heartless". I'm sure this will surely bring back the memories of Agent Orange and Carino Brutal for the rock loving Filipinos around the world! Don't worry because they made this specially for you, there are a couple of tagalog songs in the 12 tracks that they have in this one. You've got awesome music and these rock icons now on CD so go and grab KINSE KALIBRE now on stores nationwide!

Video by the way was Directed by Team Manila - quite a classic! WASAK!

Here's a snippet of our interview with Slapshock!

Now isn't that a great way to celebrate 15 years?! =)
So from Jamir Garcia, Lee Nadela, Lean Ansing and Chi Evora ROCK on!

*Special thanks to DICKIES, Red Horse and POLYEAST RECORDS for the opportunity to be with the best ROCK Band in the land!


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