My Binondo Girl the DRAGON FINALE!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Binondo Girl the DRAGON Finale!

Watching My Binondo Girl has been a habit for me and my relatives at home. It's like automatic that before I leave for work or just plainly dinner; it should always be at the time when Jade comes in the picture. We're not necessarily addicted because I know of some people who record this series and play them all day, but we are hooked just like the rest of the households in the Philippines. It was a great thing I got invited to the My Binondo Girl Dragon Finale just this last weekend. Check this out!

Just like me, and hundreds that flocked SM Skydome that afternoon you can see the eagerness to see the stars of the series and the little perks in between. You sort of kinda wish what they do in the show is something that happens in real life.

Phomela Barranda was there to cover the event for The BUZZ. They even had remote live interviews in the venue. It was finally some place that they could confirm things like if Xian Lim is courting Kim Chiu... is he? =) What do you think Team Jandy?! =)

The cast which includes those who are in Jolo Revilla's Store and Amethyst were there picking out lucky audience members and having them play a couple of games on stage. It was fun listening to them utter out Chinese phrases. =)

They thanked those who have supported My Binondo Girl and said to watch out for the show in its last two weeks of airing. The dubbed this as the Dragon Finale!

Before the rest of the cast came out they had these awesome Dragons and Lions doing their thing plus a long one with around 15 men lifting and roaming around the venue to the beat of the drums. It was really nice, see the intricate details on the Dragon head? Ain't it pretty?!

Then came out Richard Yap aka Papa Chen. To my surprise, the fans just went wild upon seeing this guy. It must be that magic of seeing the pair up with Ms. Aiai and the romantic stories in between. The last time they had a kissing scene together so everyone was eagerly awaiting their love story in the series.

Ms. Cherry Pie Picache, Papa Chen and Ms. Aiai on this bit was interviewed by Toni Gonzaga. I must say, they even kissed on the lips to the delight of the audience... even if the real Mrs. Chen was in the audience!

Fans went wild at the sight of Kim Chiu and Xian Lim! Cute couple!

They didn't escape the questions when the live feed from the BUZZ started. They were asked point blank about Xian courting Kim Chiu... and a resounding YES came out of his mouth. Kim just smiled so much after hearing that and said "Sobrang nakakababae" to that statement. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Xian is courting Kim Chiu and he is looking forward to continue this thing they have even after filming My Binondo Girl.

Hello! Diabetes! LOL!

Comedy Concert Queen Ms. Aiai gave this crowd a great song and dance number! She really gave it her all! What a performance!

Ms. Cherry Pie Picache and Richard Yap sang a love song too.

Not to be outdone this new loveteam of Zeny and Papa Chen just was the best part of the show. Everyone was rooting for them on this bit and screaming more for a kiss!
Ms. Aiai gladly obliged hehe!

Veteran actress Ms. Gina Pareno (clad in Betty Boop ensemble) and the cast invited everyone to watch My Binondo Girl in its last two weeks of airing!

Xian Lim serenades the crowd with a couple of songs with him playing the keyboards himself. So talented I'm proud of this former UE Red Warrior!

Kim Chiu looks so sweet she also sang something from Rihanna if I'm not mistaken. The upbeat tempo and new song was well appreciated by the crowd. She looked so pretty in her red number, her shoes were deadly too!

We've got a lot to look forward to in these last two weeks of My Binondo Girl, don't change that channel because there will be more surprises and twists to the story. You'll surely love the cast all over again and be excited as some of the characters try to do some things that you'll never expect. Is it time for revenge?

Watch out for that! My Binondo Girl The Dragon Finale will surely take you to the edge of your seats! Last two weeks, so you better watch it!



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