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Monday, February 27, 2012

You pretty much know by now that I love Pizza! I guess there are more ways than one to get what I want on a weekend. It was my first time to ever try out Angel's Pizza which I have been hearing so much of from my friends. It was so nice to finally try it out... get a load of this!

For those who are abstaining from meat this Lenten season it's no reason to stay away from pizza anymore because Angel's Pizza, Pasta, Combo just got you hooked up with this mouthwatering creation with tons of cheese, real anchovies, fresh tomatoes and black olives dubbed ALICI PIZZA! I'm an anchovy lover so this is quite perfect for me! If you prefer to have it on thick or thin crust they can do that on their stores and I'm suggesting you get this one on thin crust because every bite will be well worth it! Make sure you get it while it's hot this season, it'll satisfy your pizza craving I'm sure!

And if they say it's real anchovies, it is REAL anchovies on the pizza... I personally even saw them opening up those tin cans that I love mixing with pasta.

A visit to their quaint little place in Citygolf Ortigas (beside Home Depot) showed the wide array of choices that they have on their menu. They've got a lot of branches too in Metro Manila! I personally love the chicken toppings; plus the pasta which you can individually order (I'm a PESTO addict) hence the sauce I love YUM!. Ooh the list goes fancy too with Fried Chicken that patrons usually get when they're in the store! I saw a lot of people taking it home that evening, so I'd really like to go back and have another taste of that!

For the cheese connoisseur I suggest you get the Angel's Double Cheesy Melt, for the meat lover I suggest you do the same because aside from this awesome layer... there's another one underneath that's got Pepperoni goodness all around!

It was filling I got so BUSOG right after one slice since this is like 2 Pizzas in one!

For those who would want almost EVERYTHING on it they've got EXTRA FEAST for everyone's enjoyment. That's Pepperroni, Ham, Beef, Chorizo, Green Bell Peppers, Onions, Mushrooms and garlic all in one scrumptious pizza. You'll be the envy of the whole block!

Now how can you resist that perfect bite?!

My personal favorite and the one that got everyone's nod. It's unanimous everyone loves the ANGEL'S STYLE Pizza! Imagine chunks of Chicken Barbecue, Mushroom, Onion, Sweet Barbecue Sauce and smothered with Mozzarella Cheese. Enough said.

It was meaty and tasted so good with the dough they used for the crust. You can choose what crust and what cut you prefer so if you plan to have this in the office it'll be no problem!

Why is it SO GOOD?!

We probably should ask why the Pizza is so good, how do they come out with these new flavors? Why do they have a new one every season? That's easy!... because they make it fresh everyday. They also make sure you get the best flavors to enjoy every time there's a new occasion or reason to celebrate! They have creative freedom because it is not a franchise of an international brand that doesn't understand the local palate.

They make your pizza fresh everyday. Hand stretched and tossed WHEN you order it.

They put them into pans right after they get the right size of pizza you ordered. Flatten and wrinkle them if you prefer the thin crust!

The freshest ingredients, veggies, slices of meat and sweet-tangy tomato sauce.

Toss them into the oven for a couple of minutes and have them go through with a bath so the crust wouldn't be dry. It'll be freshly toasted, just right out of the oven which only takes several minutes to cook.

Fresh hot off the grill you'll love every pizza that comes out of the oven and you can smell it... you really can savor the aroma of something baked fresh!

Get that perfect slice easy and fast! That's how good every single bite should be. That's something that ANGEL'S Pizza Pasta Combo's could bring anywhere in the metro! Make sure you place orders in their hotline 922 22 22. Quit the usual burgers, the usual pizza parlors that even get you to eat frozen ones. There's someone who can get you the fresh pizza you've always wanted right in the branch near you!

As an added treat here's a VIP card that can get you 20% off the menu's regular price. Just ask me for it or just get the number off this photo! I think they can entertain you! Otherwise, get the best deal from Metro Deal HERE! If you order through them you'll get 50% Off and just pay P599.00 instead of P1198.00 for 2 Delicious and Mouthwatering Big Family Pizzas at Angel's Pizza, Pasta, Combo! The place for the freshest delicious pizza in the metro!



Make sure you order their Alici Pizza during lent and the Brownies, the fudge is to die for!


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ANGEL'S Pizza Pasta Combo



pusangkalye said...

I am not a pizza guys.heavy kasi sa tyan pero mukhang masarap to ha :)

Jonathan Nichol said...

WOW! Looks great! Definitely  I have to check this place!

el toro bumingo said...

Ganda naman ng mga pictures talaga. Mukhang masarap nga ang pizza na yan ah. At ang brownie... talaga naman! :)