The World Building and Construction Exposition 2012!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

From last year's World Bazaar Festival and showing of over 200,000 people who walked through 700 stores, stalls and stations; this year would even be BIGGER and BETTER as the World Building and Construction Exposition 2012 (WORLDBEX 2012) open up its doors from March 14 to 18, 2012 at the World Trade Center Metro Manila's East Wing, Philippine Trade Training Center. At the eve of the seemingly booming construction/architectural business in country they have completely made this a very important occasion in anyone's calendar; and by far this is one of the interesting events from WORLDBEX International; the country's premier building exposition authority.

They now have separated the venue to simple, logical and functional entities. The Furniture Gallery which now contains moveable art/classical/modern designs, Architects’ and Interior Designers’ Gallery which contains the world class pieces of renowned designers here and abroad plus the Grand Embassy Pavilion that will be billeted by embassies/international entities showcasing their wares and technologies to the enjoyment of the public. This will surely spark the interest of dealers here and abroad; everyone will converge in WTC in those said dates! This year's theme promptly called BUILDING THE FUTURE will surely contain in a nutshell what this event is all about. It's nation building and how the construction business' role in the lives of Filipinos - non Filipinos alike will take shape and form from the projects that they are doing now. They are also supporting new talent through Obra Maestra: Disenio Ecologico where interior design students show their best together with construction supply giant Wilcon Depot and the Council of Interior Design Educators. This will definitely be a great exposition in March! We can't wait for it!


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el toro bumingo said...

Tagal ko nang hindi nagpupunta ng Worldbex! Makapunta nga this year :)

gastofar07 said...

Actually, there are other parts generally there having creativity via Ray Alcala and other well known Philippine makers.

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