EMPOWER by Dingdong Dantes for BENCH™

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

As grand as the stage at the Mall of Asia Atrium, it was hightime that Bench comes out with a new offering this Summer. This marks a launch of a scent that defines one of BENCH ™ endorsers; Mr. Dingdong Dantes. If you feel the greatness, if you feel strong and invincible only one word comes into mind; and that ladies and gentlemen is... EMPOWER.

Celebrating BENCH's 25th year and the launch of Dingdong Dantes' signature deo cologne for men, its the man's turn to make things a little sexier at any given situation.

Presidential Sweetheart Ms. Grace Lee also hosted the event!

Today, I had a blast seeing the throng of people I usually meet at the Philippine Fashion Weeks front row; let alone the executives of the brand. I saw some of their endorsers too pitching support to Dingdong Dantes in this new DEO COLOGNE designed for him.

To open the show this was shown on the stage:

Credits to Videos: User Jujin from Youtube

It was dark, strong and very masculine. It was depicted quite nicely right from the get go. It was complete with strong resounding music!

Of course since this is a man's fragrance we were treated to something even more depicting of getting this scent out in the open. Dingdong chose these woodsy - musky smell with top notes of bergamot and lemon together with middle notes of galbanum and clary sage. It presents a fresh cool scent that women would absolutely go crazy for. True enough Dingdong carries that scent well; the throng of fans would agree.

Then this HOT number opened the show!

I wasn't joking when I said it was HOT! :)

Together with the launch of this new scent, some models bared the summer collection from BENCH for 2012!

They've got this Cuban - Latin American - Hawaiian vibe going and I was quite impressed with some of the things they have on the rack. Can someone get me new jeans please?! =)

Different textures, different tops and jeans that's still thick and wearable. Stayed quite well with the earth tones. It looked manly but still relaxed.

Covered up but still hot, that's what this manly scent radiates every time you spray EMPOWER all over your body.

Still not convinced?! Well if you weren't sweating enough on the first part of the show... let Dingdong Dantes show you what it's like wearing nothing on top but just EMPOWER!

That just starts a whole lotta different show!
Credits to Videos: User Jujin from Youtube

For those asking for more, here's the piece de resistance!

Then he came out, and all hell breaks loose with the crowd!

Then here's the finale!
WARNING: Oh girls, please wipe your mouth because you are going to start drooling again!

And isn't that truly EMPOWERing?!

Made for the modern man who wants to harness power, hold it in his hands and show the world who he is... and what he believes in. That is EMPOWER by Dingdong Dantes.

Sighted also in the show were BENCH Executives and supporters of Dong!

Talent Manager Perry Plansigan and THE Ben Chan

Fashion Director Robby Carmona


Many thanks to the people behind BENCH for hooking me up! Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary!

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What a nice presentation. Weee! daming macho :)

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