Fears and Survival on SKYcable Select!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Animal Phobia

I'm currently subscribed through SKYCABLE SILVER so I get to watch these shows on a regular basis, but for those of you who are in SKYCABLE SELECT you better get your hands on these two channels I'm gonna mention so you get the best experience with your kids this month!

Conquering fears is definitely something that you would want to inculcate in your kids minds early on, why not subscribe to Animal Planet and get those educational shows a try so you can spark your kids interests THIS EARLY! It'll be a different kind of bonding experience while the show and your explanations make this a better BIOLOGICAL/ZOOLOGICAL class all together for your kids! That's what makes me stare at the TV screen so much these days, they even got My Extreme Animal Phobia Tuesday 11PM premiering on the channel all this month!

Man Woman Wild

If that ain't enough reason to stick to SKYCABLE, have you ever experienced going to the tropics without anything to survive on?! I haven't either. But for those who love to experiment, this would probably be the best thing to watch in your own living room through DISCOVERY. Something you want to experience but you can't do it yourself? This is indeed the next BEST thing! Mykel Hawk and Ruth England will put their survival skills and marriage to the ultimate test. Man, Woman, Wild episodes will premiere every Tuesday at 9:00pm (that is today!) with encores every Wednesday at 2:00pm, only on Discovery. The Amazon Forest is actually a press of the remote away!




ZaiZai said...

I miss having Sky cable, ung cable namin ngayon walang Cinema One :(

el toro bumingo said...

Dami ko binabayaran lately. I can't afford to have Sky Cable subscription huhu. Poor me :(