CABRINI Hits Philippine Cinemas Today June 19th

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

If you are religious, faithful, care about other people, or know an OFW, you definitely should watch this movie called CABRINI. This stars Cristiana Dell'Anna, John Lithgow, David Morse and an ensemble cast of Italian-Americans, because this is mainly, a story about them.

Cristiana plays the role of Francesca Cabrini, a woman who after landing in New York's shores, saw the shocking plight of immigrants, their children, and the condition they live in. The story is TRAGIC right from the moment she stepped foot in Five Points, a place where she saw the orphaned children, the abused women, the people who live through unbelievable means. She was frantic, and wanted to do something about it. 

Cabrini was also with other nuns, whom all worked from sun up to sun down preparing what's supposed to be an orphanage so they could house the kids, take them away from the streets and burrows, the sewers of the same city. They began feeding them, cleaning them up. They did sew a lot of clothes, they looked quite nice in dresses and suits which the nuns personally had woven, and sewn together. Though this was the time they began noticing, they needed funds in order to serve a lot of children (bambinis).

But just like the Philippines, the politicians had a different view. They felt there should be no funds, and they should never be seen as part of the city. It was disheartening to see how when Chrisitana was making headway together with the nuns and community, they began sabotaging, do unnecessary things to stop them from flourishing on American soil. It felt like when they already had a roof on their head, they begin throwing a ton of bricks on top, or burn them to the ground because they didn't like what they were seeing.

She started to device a way to put the spotlight on those who need help specifically the immigrants, Italians, and children. After getting displaced, lack of funds, she began believing she could do more for the voiceless, those who are quarantined and in the slums, the ones with dignity and still have the chance to live. She does ALL these while suffering from an incurable disease (back then). A woman who in spite of adversities, used art, a second language, her faith and love in order to make sure the women, children and people she serve gets adequate medical care, nourishment, and dignity they deserve.

Watch this trailer to get a grasp of the story

Her story based on real events is so inspiring. The dark treatment/color grading for this masterpiece by Director Alejandro Monteverde was apt for the mood they wanted to exude. Its excellent, and warrants you to definitely see and hear her story, on how this once sickly but feisty lady from Italy became the first American saint, and patron of immigrants.

It shows in the Philippines starting today, June 19 in theaters nationwide!

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