GAB VALENCIANO Continues to Shine in US

Saturday, June 29, 2024

Gab Valenciano surely didn't mind being a person from a very talented clan. It's been years and now, he's not just a son to Dad Gary but a very spirited Dancer/Choreographer who made headlines with his moves in viral video "Super Selfie". No less than Beyonce took notice and got the moves done in her 7/11 video a couple years back. 

Imagine, doing a thing in Florida, then having it be done by one of the greatest artists in the world, where it racked up 6000 million views. This just makes his efforts of finishing recording arts and engineering doubly special right? The move even got him nominated at MTG Video Music Awards for Best Choreography. Unbelievable to be credited in that together with greats Chris Grant and B herself!

Locally, he even did work for several soap operas on home station ABSCBN plus a few awards in the bag for Best Inspirational Song, Best Secular Song, Best Musical Score for several tracks he did on ABSCBN shows and indie film Alagwa which starred Jericho Rosales. He also did several music videos for his Dad, Yassi Pressman, Kai Buizon, and lovely sister Kiana. 

He's talented and a very accomplished motorcycle champ, he also did a few commercials, radio jingles, and recently, the TFC 30 Happy Hour during independence day celebrations in Texas. The man is now residing in the USA and still performs, does a lot of projects to feed his passion. 

Good job Gab! 


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