Friday, June 14, 2024

Luis Chavit Singson talks about E-Gracia, his birthday and more! (photo credits: 258 Tri Media and his official FB Page)

t's TRUE and I've personally verified it from the man himself.

Former Governor of Ilocos Sur, Mayor of Narvacan, Deputy National Security Adviser of the Philippines and Filipino Businessman Hon. LUIS CHAVIT SINGSON is giving away a whopping 7 MILLION Pesos on his birthday this coming June 21.

6 Million of this prize will be for 200 Winners of 10 Thousand Pesos each, and 1 Million will go to one lucky winner.

Here's his announcement when we talked to him over dinner:


Here's the mechanics on how you can join:


Instead of him receiving gifts on his birthday, he chose to do this instead. He was very eager to share his blessings and want to actually just spend it in Singapore or some other country because it gives him time to rest and just enjoy life. He's 41 (verified by him too), and he's been working hard all these years. He also got resuscitated thrice for his second life and got in danger more than 7 times. Some people fear him, look at him differently because of his stature, but at that short time that I got to talk to him, he's a very nice and approachable guy.

He also talked lengthily about his future projects including a plan to put up investments from Korea to the Philippines, perhaps produce a couple of shows too.  I heard some little talk about VAGABOND one of the highest rating series from Korea and Lee Seung Gi, plus his business plans, a Korean studio in Vigan, his adventures with Manny Pacquiao in Japan, and a few more things so you might want to listen to that too. 

 Here's our short talk after dinner:

Now, there's more than one reason to download their app called E-Gracia on Android and the App Store. If you want to win, just follow the instructions on his giveaway and who knows, you might just be the lucky one!


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