CORNERSTONE Announces Co-Management of AGSUNTA

Sunday, June 02, 2024

One of the biggest talent management companies in the Philippines, Cornerstone Entertainment just recently announced their co-management with PPL, the excellent and world class music of the band AGSUNTA.

After their recent successful FREE concert on their 10th year in the industry, they are expected to have an even brighter future with the things planned for them by Cornerstone. One thing that I picked up from the interview with them a few weeks ago was an international stint, perhaps a big concert in the works too, and the boys are just raring to go and do it very soon.

Here's the statement of Cornerstone Entertainment during the event:


Jireh Singson says "We have so much plans to release original songs in a couple of months. We already released one and we have about two in the works. We just had this banked during the pandemic, this time we want to go full force to highlight them even more. I feel the sound has changed, the genre won't be in one place because we all have different influences. If we want to, it will be different but the formula would be the same, so we won't look like a hodgepodge of different music. We want to work with Ivana Alawi on our new music videos, and even DonBelle if possible. Aside from that, our dream is DongYan, which we hope Sir Perry could device a way to do. I remember doing a music video with Ivana a few years ago, when she wasn't of a huge star yet (in 2018 for Wakasan) and so we wanted to do it now, like full circle."

Want to see them perform? Here's a performance they did just for us!

@kumagcow Here's a free concert performance from @agsuntaph at ATMOSFERA in Poblacion Makati #tiktoktainmentph #tiktokshowbizreporter #tiktoktainment #agsunta ♬ son original - sany_6363

This is just the start, congratulations AGSUNTA on this really good start! Can't wait to see what this partnership with Cornerstone would do with your reach. You in an international concert/show may just be a reality in a few months. Stay tuned folks!


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