JOLLIBEE Taps BINI for Cheesy Yumburger

Friday, June 28, 2024

Jollibee got us at the Trinoma Activity Center as they transformed it into Cheesy Yumburger BESTFest to welcome the country's well loved girl group BINI. They are officially endorsers of the cheesiest, beefiest and best tasting Yumburger across the country... the Cheesy Yumburger. If that wasn't enough, they also represent the NEW Double Cheesy Yumburger.

I don't want to just write about it, so I'm sharing the video coverage we did that afternoon!

It was fun, the girls were extremely talented, and the whole place was quite crazy. Would you consume just one Cheesy Yumburger after all these? I don't think so! 

The girls even talked about how they were spending so many nights, right after China, Korea, they ordered right from the airport so when they get home, they just eat a whole burger and Chickenjoy because they miss it. It reminds them of home.

Congratulations ladies! You did good!


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