Philippines Gets Best Titan of Immersive Display: The 115 inch TCL X955

Friday, June 28, 2024

You've known big displays, but this one is REALLY BIG.

We wanted to get first dibs at the newest TCL X955, and this one is special because they call this the "Titan of Immersive Display" and we now know why.

This premium QD Mini LED 4K TV uses six crystal light emitting chip and has exceptional brightness and fast screen performance. It also has uniform backlight that doesn't irritate your view. The led also is 5x smaller than usual and utilize 5184 local dimming zones so you get very detailed output on display. It has 5000 nits HDR so those once blurry scenes can be seen. It also has super high contrast ratio, black is going to be really black. You can see your videos quite vivid, and doesn't over saturate, as it does lifelike colors by default. With its TCL AiPQ Processor 3.0, it does your videos with clarity, seeing much detail whether you have bright or dark scenes on screen. It also produces realistic colors and does it with wellness, you won't see scenes that are overly bright that would hurt your eyes. The audio is another thing as it is equipped with ONKYO 4.2.2ch that has it at 160 Watts, and Dolby Atmos, it will surely elevate your immersive audio experience which would make your movies really sound good. This has low reflection rate, you wouldn't see glare, and since this is a TITAN, the new 115 inch display would just make you speechless at first glance.

This also has 144Hz VRR refresh rate, and Dolby Vision, a new technology that makes it better for gamers to see details of your favorite titles. It also has an Ultra Slim Design, which means its sleek, you only need a small space for you to use it. Plus, it looks good from every angle... no need for a pricey designer to make a space work. Aside from the 115 inch, they also have this in 98 and 85 inch versions.

This is available in major appliance stores (this one is ABENSON's). Go get one if you need a new TV! No wonder it's the number 1 TV brand in the market!


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