Merck Set to Release Fertility Count Scorecard at ASPIRE Congress

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Population has always been at an all time high in the Philippines, and what better place to launch this new initiative by Merck: a Fertility Count Scorecard. It's also the best time to happen because it was all laid out during the ASPIRE Congress.

The matter has affected everything socially and economically but this counts as something that would encourage policy makers to incentivize those who choose to pro create and build communities especially in emerging economies like ours.  

Albeit having a slight reduction in birth rates compared to the past decade, they attribute this dip to fertility preferences and the various programs in population control.

Merck has noted this (our country) as a key market compared to those that are in the Asia Pacific Region. We should realize that the key should be making it sustainable, one that would not inhibit growth and development. Our choices will greatly impact what we need as a society, because as much as we don't admit it, a lot of the developed countries are having problems in workforce and declining birth rates.  

For those who don't know, the ASPIRE congress is a place to exchange information especially for those who have a say in decisions that affect a population. This also includes how to provide healthcare and plans on having a manageable birth rate at the end of the day. They also plan to have discussions about it in the event especially for local attendees and regional ones. We are after all, family friendly, and creating a society would be enabling us to implement great policies, and not just lip service.

For Merck to release this Fertility Count Scorecard, it would be quite valuable in a global perspective especially for business leaders or those who plan ahead. The methodology is also a bit more scientific, backed by data, which hopefully would get implemented well. So if you want to know more, just check out the data they have at


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