Sunday, December 25, 2011

I told some of you on Twitter Account and my Facebook page that I'm giving you a present. Are you ready for ASAP ROCKS "THAT'S CHRISTMAS!"????

They open up with a stage that glistens with stars all over!

When you want to celebrate Christmas what do you do if you are in ABSCBN? You get the most coveted tickets; to watch the ASAP ROCKS Christmas Special! When everybody else was wishing they were here, I got the chance to do it... finally.

It's all about family, friends and those who are important to you. It's all about GOD and your loved ones. A showcase of talent and the great people who adore you doing it, that's what ASAP ROCKS is for. Would you want to do otherwise?

This Christmas wouldn't be complete if you didn't see your idols on TV. That's what ASAP ROCKS will give you this afternoon, see anyone you love? =)

How about the HOT and GORGREOUS Anne Curtis and Cristine Reyes heating up the stage with your taste of No Other Woman!

Families singing together on Christmas Day, The Padilla-Quizon's

The Nievera's. =)

The awesome Valenciano Family. Singing their hearts out, impressive. Watch out for Gary V's exhibition. I definitely had fun watching that!

Another round of beautiful music from Yeng Constantino, Jovit Baldovino and Angeline Quinto dedicated to parents. Yeng cried, it was very touching!

This kid can really dance, even strutting it out with Gary V's son Gab. It was so fun seeing Bugoy Carino's intensity... he can really outperform grown ups, you all be careful!

Xyriel Manabat and Zaijan Jaranilla with Bugoy Carino who did the same thing too.
They were so cute!

Now comes the number of the hunks of ABSCBN, don't you guys agree?

Enrique Gil, looking cool!

Sometimes you just feel so ugly when you are seeing them LOL

When you see gorgeous men, you must balance this with GORGEOUS ladies! Look at Julia Montes, Kim Chiu and Erich Gonzales. Witwiw!

Enchong smiles like this! =) now ain't that a happy holiday!

Hunky Rayver Cruz, okay, now I want to go back to gym LOL

These guys just look so SWAAAAAG!

Ahhmm... can someone tell me who these girls are? Thanks! =) (sorry I didn't ask their names)

Kimmy is so beautiful. =O

Rayver giving it his all!

Not to be outperformed, Shaina, Iya and Maja shook their booties to the songs too!

Now isn't that a happy Christmas?!

Champions sing the best Christmas Carols as people sway their head loving every bit of it! Christian Bautista, Angeline Quinto, Vina Morales and Jed Madela sung quite beautifully! They must have known I was coming LOL!

Now comes the time to die of diabetes because of TEAM JANDY!

Yes they were screaming too because of Kath Bernardo, Julia Montes and Daniel Padilla.

A show of force, the hottest loveteams in Philippine Television and ABS CBN all sang in this number. I love Erich, she remembered me and said hi even if the crowd was BIG! I love it when stars remember, it only means they truly keep their feet on the ground. =)

She's pretty pa! =) (sorry had to make tagalog LOL)

Oh how I love these guys! Haayy LOL!

As if the afternoon wasn't too fun, out comes the Comedy Queen herself AiAi Delas Alas!

She was so hilarious Sam Milby and better half of Billy Crawford, Nikki Gil couldn't contain themselves.

This was the bit where they introduced the special number by Gary V... I'm keeping that a secret, better watch the show!

Here's Team Jandy part II! =)

Awww... just look at how they look at each other.
Maybe they got married in Hong Kong LOL!

Yihee! Enchong and Erich again FTW!

Not to be outdone, Gerald Anderson and Jessie Mendiola sweetens things up a bit here.

Welcome to diabetes PART II LOL!

To finish off the day, they had 2 acts... one from this awesome rock band!

Then this awesome number will WOW you for sure! But let's keep it a secret between you and me. Now how's that for a Christmas Gift?!

All these is for you! So if you are enjoying ASAP ROCKS now, make sure you watch every bit of it! This one's the best!


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Axlppi said...

 maligayang pasko kaibigan!!! at sobra ganda ng ASAP kanina... panalo yung opening nila!!!

ivan said...

asap aja.....

ivan said...

gogogo asap I love wishes to all....

Chum_1215 said...

Can someone please tell me the title of the song that Ai Ai sang?  Thank you.