Hell Hath Don't Do Me!

Friday, December 23, 2011

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What is it like to die?
I wouldn't know how... wouldn't know why.
Why are you asking that question?
You seem to have asked me for a death wish...
Would you really want to try?!
Coz the moment I see you in hell;
Girl, I promise... I'd be the first one to set you on FIRE!

Is it because... I really hate you?
Or is it because... I really despise you?
Is it even normal to act this way?
I sit and wonder; what would normal people say?
Real thing is; I want it to happen today!
Entonces; I hope you get to live the day.

I am fuming mad now; no doubt about it.
If I hit you in the face... try to enjoy it a bit;
or stab you in the mouth; hell's wrath cometh!
Even hell I know; shall say nothing about it!
Am I sane or not, I wouldn't think I'd be in the right mind sayeth!
Yes I know, I'd pour GASOLINE and make your life worth it!

I wouldn't want to wish ill of my brothers; I wasn't raised that way!
I didn't live on earth to be that evil;
Or yes maybe yes, let me rephrase that;
Maybe a little...
Because one time, one day I want to make them really feel it;
I'll take my chances! I know, I'll see to it.
To hell and beyond; that they may stay right inside it!
Gasoline, Gasoline, Gasoline;
Words I'd love to say - INCINERATE!;
While I'm the one enjoying, every bit pouring it!



"This is my entry to The Gasoline Dude’s Blogversary Writing Contest."
Congrats on your Blogversary Gasul! =)


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Alex Molina said...

After more than a month of reading and putting scores on each entry, FINALLY! Check my blog for the list of winners. Salamat sa paglahok at pagsuporta sa aking munting patimpalak. :)