Nikon 1 : Nikon's Greatest Technology Unveiled by Electroworld in the Philippines!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

When you want the world a tad more colorful; when you want it to be much better than the real thing; there's only one brand preferred by photographers like me. I am NIKON. I am a child of the dark side. No offense to other brands because as of now, nothing seems to have been better than this.

Since July 25, 1917, Nikon has produced the best products for optics and imaging besting several other corporations in the market today. This is the preferred brand of most professional photographers and enthusiasts and there's no contest with its quality.

Nikon just this week launched a lethal gadget that will surely make the knees of the competition tremble. They ruled the DSLR market and it's high time they deal with the small compact point and shoot cameras now. They specifically redesigned this from scratch and made it totally different from the usual. Investing a lot on this technology took years and even thousands of dollars to make but Nikon knows it's time to make things better than they used to. It's time to show NIKON 1.

Nikon 1 Series: V1 and J1

The main difference between the Nikon 1 V1 and the J1 is the high contrast view finder. With most compact cameras doing away with this necessary part that they thing the "live view" component dishes out, this camera still has it for what it functions as in major DSLR's. You simply would have a grand time shooting like a professional with this futuristic camera that boasts of 72 focus points and the fastest recorded autofocus ever in the world. Since they engineered this from scratch, it evolved to something that most compact cameras couldn't do even now. Processing at 600 megapixels per second you can surely take shots of those which were initially impossible in professional DSLR's.

Clear and vivid HD video can also be shot with this fabulous piece of equipment. Yes, it can even do slow motion video like most high end professional High Definition video cameras do.

The camera comes with a 10mm lens so you are sure you can shoot the widest. I can even imagine using my lenses with this one via the F Mount Adapter to be released before January. Yes, you heard it right you can use your AFS enabled lenses with the camera AMAZING!

Various lenses are available for the camera so you make sure you choose more when you find your niche in photography. Click, click, click!

Imagine smooth continuous shots with your V1, it's possible with Nikon 1!

Just see how it gets a snug fit with the Nikkor 35mm. I have one of these lenses and if there's gonna be a next body, this will surely be a great candidate! Hope it doesn't outperform my D60 haha!

It's got a lot of colors too! The perfect gift this Christmas!

Nice, thin and sleek but VERY POWERFUL; that's what this is!

If you plan to get one today, ELECTROWORLD is offering this new camera on their stores. Make sure you visit their branches and Nikon stores nationwide!


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PS Thanks to GMCI for hooking us up! ;)


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Blaine Ordinario said...

wow simply amazing...I think the design and idea is somewhat similar to Leica cameras. But still, Nikon is more affordable than any other brands out there with excellent quality :)