The PONY Show Off: Digital Film & Poster Art Competition

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Who has never heard of PONY? You must have been living under a rock if you really haven't learned anything about this great brand. With those awesome shoes and great celebrity endorsers you know you are only getting the best this side of the world!

When I arrived this family was performing on stage. Nothing beats your first appearance on stage for a crowd right? Well that's how I felt, but their MTV was quite nice though. With that out of our article early, let's get it on! Shall we?!

Guess what? They just announced the winners of PONY Footwear's digital video and poster art competition properly entitled "SHOW OFF" to get the best digital artists in the Philippines. Imagine over 200 works of art and videos were submitted on their Facebook page and site and judged through LIKES and via a panel of judges from PONY last Sunday, Dec. 11, 2011 at 55 Events Place, Sct. Rallos St., Timog, Quezon City. It was awesome to see the finalists bring their actual pieces come to life to the envy of a hundred or more people at the venue.

I specifically liked a couple of entries but it didn't win; like the naked guy suspended on air, some entries were mediocre (which I won't normally say out loud like that haha). The winners were awesome though. 1st Prize went to Mr. Jesus Genotiva for his art work titled “Rock n Roll”, 2nd Prize goes to Reuben Francis Vidanes for his piece “Dare:Graffiti Let’s Get It On” and for the 3rd Prize, it went to Frederick Uy for his artwork called “Hot Dog”.

I also love the videos that won in the "Digital Film Category", being a video enthusiast myself I knew how hard they made those things which probably took hours on the drawing board and days in execution. Winning 1st Prize was KEVIN DAYRIT for his film called “Soundless Transposition”, 2nd Prize went Winson Rojo for a film he entitled “Bold & wild”, 3rd Prize went to a certain Vancleef Emnacen for his entry “Pony Tale: Sneaky Sneakers” but he wasn't there to receive his cash prize and thousands of pesos worth in PONY merchandise. I was envious they get to take away that much!

Digi-Film and Poster Art category winners received P40,000 cash plus P10,000 worth of Pony shoes for the first prize; Second prize is P20,000 cash and P5,000 worth of Pony gift certificates and Third prize is P10,000 cash and P5,000 worth of Pony GC's. I was so sorry I didn't get to join, just looking at the HUGE prizes made me REALLY SORRY LOL!

Instead of the usual graffiti wall, they got these huge letters lined up at the entrance. Of course I got somewhere there ha-ha!

These guitars were also part of the exhibit via the PONY Archive. Some of the patrons were actually getting their photos taken with these pieces. I was afraid they would suddenly drop em and it'll lose value. That 80's looking guitar on the far right is my favorite!

The gorgeous Kitchie Nadal was there. Oooh I love her!

Giving away the prizes were a ton of celebrities, Baron Geisler, Mr Charles Yu Vice President of PONY and some of their Executives.

Of course, Champ, Bamboo and some other stars were there too!

Hosting the event and providing the comedy I LIKE was Ramon Bautista and renowned Music Director Nani Naguit.

(Photo credits Dye Sison and PONY PR)

PONY's newest endorser WOLFGANG rocked the house with their awesome music. It literally and figuratively tore the house down. I love how the event mixed genres and great aesthetics. I love it when you can just sit down, have a few beers and listen to people like Basti Artadi do his work and magic! It was nice to just say LET'S GET IT ON! and get some PONY love!

I loved a few pieces, specially the dark ones like this Charcoal Gray bit.

I like this one too, it's fun to end the shoelace with white instead of going all black.

This one must be a best seller. I love how original it looks like without being too plasticky. Anybody care to get me one in size 12? LOL!

There are shoes... and then there's PONY. You know where to get it and how to get it in your favorite shoe stores. Make sure you drop by their Facebook page to check out the entries and the videos! Special thanks to the nice people at PONY, I look forward to wearing your stuff soon! Let's Get It On!

For more information please visit their Facebook page

Pony Show Off: Digital Film & Poster Art Competition


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