My House Husband: Ikaw Na! : Light Moments with Ms. Eugene Domingo

Thursday, December 01, 2011

I am a fan. I can say that right out when it's about this lady. The one who is smart enough to be picked up by fast individuals. The one that is SO effective in acting that she can practically do anything. Ladies and gentlemen, she is Ms. Eugene Domingo.

She's the sole reason I still meet with my college buddies. Everytime she comes out with a movie it's like a mini reunion for us and we need to watch her film by hook or by crook. It's a good thing she's even got a lot of films this coming Metro Manila Film Festival. One of those to take note of is the REAL movie My House Husband. She never fails to put on her personal touch and antics on every scene that she's actually included. It's doubly pleasurable because the couple I adore most watching with my barkada is also in this movie... Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo. We seldom act like she's our friend when we talk and make punchlines so I'm part of the crew that's so excited to see this film!

Ms. Eugene Domingo plays as a non relating - non sensical mistress that looks like popular bombshell Anne Curtis in all sides of the coin. If you had fun in her previous blockbuster films, this will surely give you something new because she hasn't really played a role like this. She practically wanted to have a nude scene in a new role soon to the delight of the bloggers who were there. I think I was the only one who had a serious bug that time because for me, she had every right to do it with what she exposed during Babae sa Septic Tank. That film by the way is gunning for an Oscars Trophy... so just imagine what could happen next!

This film is directed by Direk Joey Reyes, you can opt to see his interview on my article HERE.

And this is produced by OctoArts Films! Sir Orly Ilacad was there to grace the event!

Ms. Eugene Domingo has been the catalyst in making one film a box office hit in the few movies that she did for different film outfits. This December when you watch the entries for Metro Manila Film Fest, make sure you take your family with you to watch My House Husband Ikaw Na! It's time that we take a moment and reflect that it doesn't matter if you are the one staying at home or making the money at work because both are IMPORTANT in raising a family.

In the film, Ms. Eugene Domingo's acting level is in the middle of AS IS WHERE IS and ELEVATOR Acting. She didn't find any problems working with Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo but found some awkward moments with Ryan. In the end, since they actually have lots of scenes here they ended up much more close than Judy Ann would know. They practically know each other better now and Ms. Eugene has high praises with the two.

I personally asked her about what she thinks with Piolo and the trouble he's going through right now but she opted to say one thing. The fact STAYS, SHE LOVES PIOLO, and PIOLO LOVES HER TOO! =) She says he's a VERY GOOD MAN, and she will never even think about NOT LOVING HIM... EVER!

There is a scene here that you have to watch out for... because according to Ms. Eugene, she's also got a nude scene in this movie. A memorable bit was when she got slapped on the face by Judy Ann Santos-Agoncillo... a thing she would never forget because she was indeed slapped SO HARD!

She's so proud to have worked with OctoArts and other film outfits. She values her freedom and it's one of the perks she's enjoying now that she has become so successful! Aida Capinpin will surely be a memorable character you'll have to associate with Ms. Eugene Domingo come December 25, 2011. Here's hoping we could all break the 700 Million mark for this year's film festival!

I just LOVE LOVE LOVE HER! I Love Eugene Domingo bar none! And you will too once you get to watch this family- relationship themed movie called My House Husband: Ikaw Na! coming out on theaters this MMFF season! Make sure you WATCH IT!

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bbtoo said...

She's one of my fave too...She is getting thinner

ZaiZai said...

I LOVE Eugene too! She's on a league of her own :)

Traveliztera said...

i love ms. eugene! :D

haynako. iba ka na talaga kumag! ! !