ENCORE: Mario Maurer for Penshoppe

Friday, December 16, 2011

Four words. Mario Maurer for Penshoppe. It's only the thing that you can mention to anyone in Manila now to make their hair stand or cause goosebumps. It's the boy, the guy, the man, the endorser everyone adores... and I'm not surprised why. This is an ENCORE!

Last Philippine Fashion Week 2012, I got through the thick crowd and witnessed the new collection from Penshoppe. I was so lucky because Mario Maurer and Claire Unabia of ANTM fame was there too. Some were a little not too happy though because they weren't able to get in as the venue could only accommodate a few hundred people. Penshoppe was a little overwhelmed... no, let me say SHOCKED at the turnout of people in that event that they had to refuse some of them to enter. These were important people and Penshoppe recognizes that. As soon as Mario Maurer left the Philippines they were clamoring for his return. When they said that, PENSHOPPE promptly listened. So they did the impossible and made special arrangements for an ENCORE. Yes ladies and gentlemen, Mario Maurer came back just for the fans and patrons of PENSHOPPE... that's how important you are to this brand.

As much as the brand loves you, I do too. A lot probably didn't see encore so let me take you for a spin. Shall we begin?!

The place filled up quite fast from the long line outside. This program is all for these people who adore the boy; and the brand.

Huge walls played videos from the fan conference. It was the time people saw how crazy the fans went for Mario Maurer. Some of them were already crying... most of them had so much fun because they saw him... in the flesh!

After 30mins, PENSHOPPE's Brand Director Alex Mendoza came out and signaled the start of the show. Yes ladies and gentlemen, it was like Philippine Fashion Week all over again!

Gorgeous models came out one by one from the stage to the runway. Some prominent ones like Mikael Daez and Bea Soriano kept the runway HOT as always. Here's some more photos from the catwalk.

Now I thought they were going to show the same collection as what we saw in Philippine Fashion Week but this was a whole new set! I was excited to shoot! The models were so gorgeous!

Aren't you surprised about the colors? It's loud and bright because this is for Spring/Summer collection. I recognize some of the pieces from the last time but mostly all of them are new! So the things you are seeing here are different from the ones shown in PFW. I was asking myself why I was so lucky LOL!

The basic tees, the dresses all clad in stripes and almost pastel colors were a sight to behold. It's young and hip; and it's NOT above anything else looking cheap. It looked quite expensive and classy, but I'm sure we don't have to shell out a lot for this collection. I love the pants, you wouldn't want to do without it!

It's not just the dresses or shirts you have to be excited about. You see the bags, belts and jackets complete each piece on the runway... and that spells LOVE! Btw, just to let you know... varsity jackets sold in Penshoppe are usually out of stock, I went to a store once and they didn't have more of those which Mario wore.

Mikael Daez wore the same pants I love! I love the loud shirts too. It's sort of "batik" but its not. The fabric is relaxed too.

I want to marry the girl in blue LOL. Well as you can see they didn't really just stay on warm colors. They also have cool ones. I love how they've shown it can be mixed and matched with long or short skirts.

Men actually prefer darker colors so it's all good that PENSHOPPE has this line. It looks like they are also doing jeans this time, something that I didn't quite see on the Philippine Fashion Week event.

Very Edward Cullenish if I may say so. I love that jacket on him, maybe if there's one in my size I'd be happy! :)

This was the same gown worn by Ms. Claire Unabia when she starred the runway together with Mario Maurer... this truly signalled that something good is about to happen next!

The lights went out and the smoke just flooded the stage. A few videos played before the boy came out in the middle of the stage. Yes, pandemonium happened as almost everyone rushed to the side of the runway and got their cameras... some even jumped just to touch him. Are you ready?!

I'm sorry if some of you guys died of cuteness overload but that's just the way it is. He is good looking, no doubt about it!

I wasn't really joking when I said that pandemonium erupted. Just look at the crowd, they all stood up and rushed the stage unlike in Fashion Week because it's taboo to do this. Nobody could stop them really. Only Mario Maurer can have that effect!

Mario actually teased everyone by coming back LOL! When everyone was almost going back to their seats, he went back to the runway and shook hands with the crowd!

Then they came out of the shadows again. This time bearing the collection I saw in Philippine Fashion Week. So for those who didn't get to see the collection that time, they were in for a treat. Just look at these gorgeous models clad in PENSHOPPE!

They opened with these pieces first. As said in my previous post, this is really easy on the eyes and quite classy!

They stayed loud and perfect for the Spring/Summer season. I wouldn't want it in any other way!

They came out in full force showing the pieces they wore in the show.

Then a short interview ensued. I hope you guys loved my shots and coverage of the show.

Just remember, you better get those Jeans and Varsity Jackets that he LOVES.

Because Mario loves PENSHOPPE... Mario loves YOU!


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