A Mother's Story

Monday, December 19, 2011

I would say this out loud. I love my Mom. If there would be anything in this world that she wants, I'll really try and get it for her. That's how important she is for me. I'm sure she has made lots of sacrifices for me in the past and I will never forget about it. You probably feel the same with your own Moms, that's where we'll start this story.

Millions of OFW's leave the country in hopes of a better life. If you have mouths to feed and your earnings don't quite match what you spend living in the Philippines; wouldn't that be your recourse as well?!

A movie by famed director John D. Lazatin "A Mothers Story" talks about an undocumented OFW's struggle to earn a living while keeping her family together. This is just one of many real stories that happen in our country and with POKWANG on the title role; this will surely be a great movie to see come January 8, 2012. Other countries have already seen this particular film and they have given great feedback. I wouldn't be surprised if this was nominated for a golden globe or the oscars.

The film also stars Xyriel Manabat and Rayver Cruz, Beth Tamayo, Ms. Daria Ramirez, Nonie Buencamino, Ana Capri, Jaime Fabregas, Aaron Junatas, K Brosas and Atty. Michael J. Gurfinkel. This is heavy drama and you'll be surprised how Pokwang will take on this role. You wouldn't be able to stop yourself from crying because the trailer alone tells it all. Pokwang herself had gone through this same route before she became who she is now. Rayver also had an OFW mother so it wasn't so hard for them to relate to their characters. Just telling the story while on the press conference made a lot of people cry. You'll never forget Pokwang after this bit and you'll surely be seeing her in more serious roles. Don't worry she will still be doing comedy for your afternoon programs and movies as well. She's quite a remarkable actress and she'll be showing her wares come January 8, 2012. Make sure you line up on theaters nationwide! This is still showing on selected theaters abroad so for the TFC subscribers, you should take time and visit where available.

Watch A Mother's Story... a sure tearjerker... a must watch for those who know OFW's and their families. This will surely get you guys even closer.

Need I say more?! Capisce?!


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anon said...

gone only for 7 years?! ha! i should say, di muna pinag-isipan ng writer to. okay lang yung role ni xyriel, getting to know the mother na di nya kinalakihan. Pero kung ganyan kabait lahat na bata madali silang makikidnap. sa mga batang di lumaki na malayo ang nanay nya natural lang na pagbalik ng ina parang stranger lang sya sa anak. Then, yung role ni rayver cruz, such a disappointment. malaki na nga sya ng iniwan ng ina, eh di dapat may pang-unawa na sya. i know the feeling ng batang ofw ang ina.umalis ang mama ko magto-2 years old pa lang ako,after 5yrs when i heard na uuwi na sya i felt so excited pero nung nakita ko n ng personal, may halong duda kung mama ko ba talaga yun,. para sakin stranger lang sya. then, i woke up the next day after xmas parang panaginip lang n umuwi sya. ican't recall kung kelan sya dumating at umalis, i only remembered the night n hinilot ko ulo nya dahil sumasakit. After 6 years with no calls and mails umuwi ulit sya para sa libing ng lolo ko and again, di ko namalayan ang pag-alis nya. And yet again the only thing i remembered, si ate close sa kanya, na parang kilalang-kilala talaga sya, samantalang ako laging nakabuntot kay papa at takot lumapit sa kanya. That's the last time na umuwi sya, it's almost 9years already. Pero kahit ganun di ko naman magawang magalit sa mama ko. So i'm wondering bakit may mga anak na gaya ng role ni rayver na nagagalit sa mama nya.