My House Husband: Ikaw Na! : An Intimate Dinner with the Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo

Saturday, December 10, 2011

This Christmas, we all want OUR family to be happy. You want to get a smile or two in any activity that you are doing with your loved ones because the season definitely calls for it. I think I've got an idea what would make you do this AND have a laugh or two too. Why not watch My House Husband "Ikaw na!" this MMFF season, it stars Ms. Judy Ann Santos - Agoncillo, Ryan Agoncillo, Eugene Domingo and a lot more!

I was so lucky to have had a chance to talk to these two unadulterated stars of Philippine TV and Cinema last weekend and boy was it AMAZING! My friends and I ALWAYS watch their movies and its like a mini reunion of sorts from people in college because secretly we thought Juday was part of our barkada. We still do. When she has a movie or two during MMFF, we make it a point to reserve a day just to watch her even with our busy schedules. They'd probably all die of envy now that I've got a photo of Judy Ann and Ryan :) let alone a photo with THEM too! So maybe later on I'll tell them "Nakita ko na si Mareng Juday" hahaha.

It was my first time to see Ryan Agoncillo in the flesh. His boyish looks and charm was definitely evident. He has a good demeanor. He was actually very formal while talking to us with some hits here and there. I remember the YSPEAK days when he was always dealing with idealistic people like us. I felt he was like a big brother talking tonhis siblings about his ideals in raising a family and how important it is to give time for them. He said their success was brought about by them being HONEST all the time. It was quite remarkable to see them raise kids in a lifestyle that so harsh like the showbiz indistry. They shielded them from the bad side of it. They made sure they still have time for each other and adjust if necessary sine there are times when Judy Ann/Ryan would find the other already tired from work. I wasn't surprised they were that busy since I always see them on TV. They never had issues about money because that is the last thing they would rather fight about. Judy Ann said it would never ever happen to them let alone think about it. They want to raise their kids right and free from the evils of show business.

Judy Ann was so thin. The last time i saw her was in the Del Monte Pineapple commercial launch and the Junior master chef presscon. She had a different glow on her. She wanted to stay healthy and look good for her work and for herself. She was very charming and quite confident even if she said that she was a little nervous talking to bloggers like me. She was hilarious at times and I felt right at home like she was indeed one of my barkadas that I haven't seen in a long time. These were the times that I wished she were really... pushing my luck? LOL!

Eugene Domingo was phenomenal as they said. When you see her, you know what a successful actress would be. Her understanding of the craft is remarkable and her acting is phenomenal just as all the films she did before. Ryan says he didn't know Eugene was that small because he always thought of her as LARGER THAN LIFE! We all agreed.

Just as their lives are interesting, the movie talks about relationships between husband, wife, best friends, kids and how they deal with the situation when the macho man suddenly becomes the house husband. This interesting norm that is so taboo to be talked about ordinary pinoys. How would a successful wife treat his husband? How would a husband feel now that he's not the bread winner? How jealous can the wife be when the best friend from next door suddenly becomes too close for comfort? How would the husband take care of the kids now that he's in charge of the house? These are just some of the questions that this family oriented movie wants to answer. Wouldn't it be nice to laugh and learn about it? Make sure you watch My House Husband "Ikaw na!" coming out on theaters this Christmas for the Metro Manila Film Festival 2011! This is produced by Octoarts Films and directed by the one and only Jose Javier Reyes.

Remember! This film stars Judy Ann Santos, Ryan Agoncillo, Eugene Domingo, Agot Isidro, Francine Prieto, Miriam Quiambao, Roco Nacino, Renz Valerio, Derrick Monasterio, Lexi Fernandez, Ms. Boots Anson Roa, Dante Rivero, Bobby Andrews, Lui Villaruz, Sabrina Man, Lance Diaz and John Aaron Novilla. A star studded cast which makes this film a must watch this MMFF season, need I say more?!

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Steph Traveliztera said...

i love juday and ryan!!! <3 o sige ikaw na

ZaiZai said...

saya naman! ikaw na, ikaw na ang close kina juday and ryan :)