My House Husband: Ikaw Na! : OctoArts Films Official Entry to The Metro Manila Film Festival 2011!

Friday, December 23, 2011

To tell you honestly my friends don't watch Filipino movies anymore because of foreign films pouring in. They say the quality isn't just the same. The only time we do is when Ms. Judy Ann Santos or Ms. Eugene Domingo appears on screen. So this Metro Manila Film Festival we would probably only watch those which have them on the cast... The thing is there's one sure film that we'll watch and we already have our schedules fixed for "My House Husband: Ikaw Na!" which is Octoarts films entry this year. I was blessed to see them a few days ago via a bloggers conference. I was so glad to see them in the flesh!

Hosting the event was Melai Entuna from and the fab SHALALA of Walang Tulugan and Juicy fame. He was hilarious! While Melai brought entertainment to the stars, she's Ms. Eugene Domingo's favorite subject hehe.

Oh guys, please tame your horses and hold on to something while I introduce a sexy vixen and bombshell. Ladies and gentlemen, she is the one and only Ellen Adarna!

Ellen played a cameo role as a bank teller in this movie. Though it was short; she really wanted to be with the stars... and wish to probably have a full length film next time starring her. Why not? I'm sure you guys won't mind! :)

I was so happy to see my friend Rocco Nacino. The young hunk never forgot me from the crowd. He is playing Juday's brother in this film. I didn't know he was a registered nurse in real life... He's playing the same in this movie. Being the confidant of Juday in the film he had to dish out sound advices so she wouldn't go ballistic on Ryan's character. Yes, she got jealous with Uge's role in the film. I guess to keep her sane Rocco's role was quite important otherwise their relationship would end in shambles.

I secretly asked myself why Rocco's so good looking? Let's get a little in depth; What keeps his mind and body that gorgeous? He mentioned on Twitter that he's got it maintained by his business venture called "Elorde Boxing Gym" Ortigas and that's whats keeping him busy. It's located at the Home Depot on top of JayJ's Inasal (yes I've been there to look around). He's got real deal athletes as trainers; hence his sculptured physique. I guess i should visit his boxing gym more often so I can get rid of this tummy. No thanks to beer eh?! LOL!

Rocco also said that he's admittedly a Mama's boy, much like me hehe. I actually asked them a hypothetical question at the end of the blogcon... Since the three were single (Rocco, Ellen and Ms. Eugene) I asked them if the only way to achieve happiness is by becoming the "third party", would they do it without repercussions of karma and ethics? Rocco said if I am going to love somebody, I wanna love the right way. (Naks! Natunaw na ba kayo girls?) =)

Ellen Adarna said to that same question that she knows what she's worth and it wouldn't be just for seconds. She says she deserves to be the first. Ms. Eugene surprised us with her answer! "Sa tinagal tagal ko ba namang nagintay sa third party lang ako tutuloy?! Wag naman!" while we burst into laughter! =)

Who in the world and the right mind wouldn't laugh at Ms. Eugene Domingo's antics. The mood at the event was so light because of her. I guess she knows her craft well and she didn't bat an eyelash in telling us she wants to learn more about it still. She also said that she will always have theater as her first love and will pretty soon come out with a full musical movie, it's still in the works... imagine that! You probably know I love her right? I assume you do too?! She's more than enough reason to watch this movie I tell you!

Eugene Domingo plays the role of Ryan's best friend who in a nutshell becomes Juday's source of insecurity and jealousy. House husband Ryan on the other hand played possum and told Juday to calm down and say everything's platonic. You should watch the funny sequences and the slapping of Ms. Eugene! It's hilarious yet very real!

The Agoncillo's were a sight to behold! Starstruck is an understatement. From the intimate dinner we had a few weeks back, I had a chance to prepare great question just for them as they were talking about relationships and family that time. I asked "Would you stay together as a couple for the sake of the kids? If you knew that they would be happier with you together, would you do it for them?"... Ryan thought about it for a second and uttered no, he says he'll be more happier without the complexities of just staying together for the kids. They can take care of them even if they are separated and the last thing they'd want to do is involve the kids in the trouble. They haven't really encountered anything drastic to be in that situation and are very happy they won't. They really look good together no?! =)

So for anyone looking for a feel good, "tons of laughter but still keeping it real" family movie, don't fail to watch "My House Husband: Ikaw Na!" on December 25 available in theaters nationwide! This is Octoarts Films official entry to the Metro Manila Film Festival 2011!


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ZaiZai said...

ang ganda nga ni ellen, she looks a lot like chritine hermosa. since friends na kayo ni rocco, paki hi ako sa kanya ha! merry christmas kumagcow! :)