Launching New Drinks this Season: Figaro!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

The holidays wouldn't be complete without tasting Figaro's famous blends! I've been a fan of their coffee concoctions, sandwiches and meals but they haven't let down yet as I participated in getting first dibs on their new drinks to be launched in December 20, 2011!

For those who are tea lovers out there, these new flavors are surely going to tickle your taste buds and give you the awesome flavors you look for in cold beverages. For those who don't want anything caffeinated on their drinks, this collection promises a variety that you'd adore because one of my favorites TARO is also on the menu!

First up is Strawberry Milk Tea with Yakult. This beverage entails a hint of Yakult flavor goodness and some tangy aftertaste because of the Strawberries. Mine also had some strips of Egg pudding and nata de coco so you kind of get something interesting in your drink in the middle of all that TEA flavors you'll LOVE! This beverage cost only a measly 90 pesos, imagine that!

The second one is a Raspberry Milk Tea with YAKULT. It's pale pink and quite tangy right from the get go. The raspberry quite overwhelms the tea experience but it's all good. If you like that tanginess along with your drink plus the smoothness of milk tea then this is perfect for you! Have your fill with nata de coco strips that's chewy and sweet just the way you like it! This beverage costs 90 pesos!

For those who want a sweet-tangy combination this will surely light your fires up! The Strawberry Lemon Iced Tea would really be mistaken as Pink Lemonade but it is more on the sweet strawberry side. The lemon rind they put on it makes it a very fragrant drink and you can really smell the lemon all throughout! It's light and perfect for those hot afternoons, or late night drinking when you don't want caffeine infused ones. It only costs 70 pesos!

Now comes the great ones! How can you not like TARO?! It's that oriental root crop made into powdery milk consistency made into a drink and you can really TASTE it! I love how it's earthy smell and aftertaste makes everything extra sweeter. Black pearls and slivers of Taro pudding on the bottom makes this quite filling too. For those who want a better alternative to the caffeine drinks, this is one healthy number you can do. This Taro Pudding Milk Tea costs only 90 pesos! Yeah baby! Yeah!

For the Pièce de résistance! This awesome crunchy frozen Taro drink tremendously had the votes of everyone who tasted it. This is by far my favorite too among the drinks presented to us that evening. It's topping alone made a quite remarkable conversation piece because it totally made the drink's texture quite different. Add to that the frozen drink's TARO base and this will prove to be one successful combo~ so if you want my opinion get this one ASAP! This drink costs 100 pesos and is called the Taro Pudding Chiller Feast! Definitely number 1 on my must buy list when visiting Figaro next time!

The holidays just got better with these offerings by FIGARO. This will only be available on selected branches but soon will be available nationwide! Can't get enough of the photos? Make sure you come and visit the real thing soon!


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Palakanton said...

nakakatakam nman!

pusangkalye said...

lagayan palang parang ang refreshing na ng dating. I wanna try the nilk tea.mukhang masara. ------at pumunta ka pala ng's you na!!!:D