The BUM x PEPSI Capsule Collection

Monday, June 18, 2018

We've known BUM for a couple of years now. They've done remarkable collections, unbelievable shows and had the cream of the crop as far as endorsers go. They've been the authority as far as teen street fashion is concerned, and they're showing how they've been leading the pack in this show.

Worldwide soft drink brand Pepsi partnered with them in this capsule collection. What does this mean? They're becoming one, imagine how this would look like in merchandise. The logo, things that represent the Pepsi brand will be immortalized in shirts, caps, jackets, pants made for and by BUM. 

I bring you the whole show in photos. Thank me later!

The first hour was all about this gorgeous lady DJ - they did this to put us on the mood first. On to the show!

Then the first lineup of models came out. The clothes were just so promising!

Dining Down South at AKROTIRI Modern Eurasian Cuisine

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Alabang is so far from my place that I'd feel overly burdened to go there if it's not worth it. Work for most of the time made me travel there - and before I do go home, I'd plan ahead and make sure I discover something different, something that would impress my friends, my workmates, my family and my own taste buds. That's not hard to do mind you, but I guess there's an underlying notion of it being "worth it" before I do actually enjoy it this time because I traveled far for it. This is one of them, it's called AKROTIRI which serves modern Eurasian cuisine.

Set at the sprawling Filinvest business district at Commercenter in Alabang, this place is known for a small mall (by Philippine standards) and the neighboring food establishments. I have frequented this place in the past as I was staying in nearby hotels, so do expect people from neighboring towns, tourists and expats as well. 

Akrotori is a cozy little place that could sit 50-60 people. It's got fancy - proper seating, a huge bar and a small function room upstairs for private parties. It's perfect for small events and you can even fit a stage inside since it's got pretty high ceilings. They didn't shortchange in design because the whole place wreaks of a modern bistro - added with a look of an English pub you would often see in that region. Ahh I can still remember the few drinks I had there, I was in tipsy heaven!

The Food

The food is exquisite, albeit being a little pricey, you would see their servings are actually large. They use the freshest ingredients - and quality wise, it's worth it! I would never hesitate to take a few family members here to enjoy the food. It's fusion so I think it's easy to adapt with flavors that are used in the west, a hodgepodge of taste and cooking techniques that are familiar in Europe - all here in Manila.   

The Grilled Squid stuffed with Feta Foam and Black Ink Risotto was a good starter. It's slightly fishy because of obvious reasons, soft and the risotto was comforting. Make sure you have this while it's hot.

Makati Skyscrapers Ready for MPBL

They say strong men maketh strong institutions, this might have been their hope. The Datu Cup is fast approaching and MPBL has been able to garner traction in the few months since it's inception. Of course that would mean only one thing, the franchise would grow bigger, and with that other cities and provinces that have shown interest in the beginning have now materialized and eventually, joined this league. One of them is the MAKATI SKYSCRAPERS. 

Coach Cholo Villanueva says "We only had 1 month preparation, we are a young team so expect more quick plays, running, gunning from the outside. Mark Isip, Rudy Lingganay and the others will be leading the team. We will use our youth to our advantage. We are representing Makati and we want to be number one, we want this championship. For us, we wanted players to prove something. Like for instance they want to play for the pros, of they have that attitude they will succeed. We didn't want to cram, yes we had little lead time but this is a young team. We have a level playing field and it is an equal opportunity for everyone to shine."

Team Manager Martin Arenas says "Our City Mayor gave her full support, our court has been refurbished, every game we have medical teams on stand by. They also provide security on home games. Even if I am the current Barangay Chairman, I can still get to manage the team, it's just time management and I know it's in my blood to love serving the people and basketball which has long been my passion. I wouldn't choose one or the other, I will choose both. Our only goal is to be champion."

With a promising lineup of young basketball talents from Makati and around the country, a solid management team and coaching staff, the MAKATI SKYSCRAPERS will surely be vying for the top prize in this coming DATU Cup. Clearly, the MPBL has been able to take advantage of hometown audiences and this season's 26 teams will be battling it out in gripping fashion. Make sure you get to see these games as they've chosen some very talented individuals that could have been playing in the pros, which hopefully their exposure here would result too. This is a great break for all of them I'm sure. 



Dingdong Dantes for Amazing Earth

Friday, June 15, 2018

It's a documentary series from BBC but in the Philippines, it will be narrated by premier actor, GMA Primetime King and host Dingdong Dantes. The press conference was hosted by Arianne Bautista and to start off, they wanted us to know that they are making this as their newest infotainment content in GMA.
In the series, we will get to know quite a numbered of endangered species, how they live, survive in different places, even in the city. They are also inserting interviews of subject matter experts, people who are on the ground at the marine protected sanctuaries. 

He says "This would have been a project for Betong but he was so bust in out of the country shows hence me on the show. This is going to show stories of animals, our environment, we are not alone and there are tons of things we need to discover. We co exist with animals, they live and breathe like us and we need to clean up our own act. This is like what I do in teleseryes but it has a different fulfillment in delivering a message through this narrative. Like the viewers, I am learning with them as well, I become entertained and informed. As for directing Marian, I don't want to do that because she's big, I know her capacity as an actress. I am not sure yet on when that will be done, but she is loved by her previous directors because she doesn't have any qualms about her craft. She's unbelievable. I received flowers from her, and we'll spend our few days in Palawan soon."

He adds "As a narrator, it has been done in BBC and shot in 5 years, we need to interpret this and make it our own - and I think we did that. The aim is to make this experience for a family every Sunday at 6:10pm. This had a lot of firsts, they employed 4K videos so all the details can be seen clearly. On June 24 I'll be in Singapore, there will be other Kapuso artists with me too. There are plans of another series, something to be done this year. We also have plans to do two movies, but don't have details yet. We'll announce as soon as we get word. As for the show, our interviewees tell their own stories. We are very excited to bring you this June 17 an Amazing Earth."

So for those who would want to have fun while learning a lot, make this Sunday a special day with your family and friends by watching worthwhile videos on Amazing Earth at 6pm. You've missed him I'm sure so this would be a good thing to watch before you head on to next week. Your kids would become genius too LOL!


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Nadine Lustre for Samsung Galaxy J6

Is your phone your personal favourite? Have you been struggling with games, with movies, with photos and videos? Well don’t fret as Samsung delivers the Galaxy J6 as part of it’s economy line, still performs at par with the phones with the same price, but they dub this special. They call it next level entertainment.

Min Xu Tiu Samsung Electronics Philippines says “We made something you’ll enjoy as next level entertainment with it having great movie quality, great gaming with our new endorser Nadine Lustre. She is one of todays multitalented personalities, a household name and like the Samsung Galaxy J6. We are also launching the Samsung community app wherein you can get perks like free movies, free popcorn, every week!

Nadine says “I love it, it’s because of Jadine here, they’ve been very supportive. They are having a good time so it’s just throwing back the energy. I am really honored to be part of the Samsung family, now in music, videos, it’s not going to be difficult. I had a lot of fun shooting the TVC, I am excited to see the full version! I hope everyone likes this! This is what I do to get entertained, I watch movies, I play games, the J6 makes me feel like I’m in it, I am fully immersed. It’s exciting, I’m playing right now and the graphics is amazing. I have a lot of gamer friends, it’s why I always do this even if I’m busy as it takes my mind off things. Thank you Samsung for making me a part of your family!

Congratulations Nadine! Continue to be a good lady, a lot of brands will continue to trust you!

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Gloc 9 and New Era Independence Day Celebrations at Trinoma

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Independence Day of the Philippines couldn't be more apt than ever. With the way things are going now, a sense of nationalism would be good to instill on any avenue. NEW ERA has been here for a few years now, and they have changed the fashion landscape for caps in the Philippines as they present high quality premium products right on their shelves.

To do the Philippines some good old history, they came out with this Pilipinas collection, signifying the Pilipinas insignia in 2 versions and one indicating the year of our independence with 1898. 

They have this in snapback and plain sized versions. You simply have to drop by their stores and try it on so you could get your proper size. I don't usually wear caps unless I have to make a statement and this does even more than that. It instils pride I guess.

Then we have famous rapper GLOC 9 collaborating with NEW ERA Philippines to come out with 3 designs. One has a cartoon version of GLOC9, the other two has his songs titles on it. I personally like the one with the toon on it and the Simpleng Tao inscription, I dig it.

Daniel Broderick of NEW ERA says "Thanks for spending your holiday with us, spending 3 years with us and this collaboration with a local artist is just as timely. We did the warriors JayZ, J.Lo, and the reason we chose Gloc9 is because he's getting some play internationally, so please get one as I know they're going fast. Gloc9 will be our first, but we will have a lot more soon. Happy Independence day!"

GLOC 9 also performed in front of the stage and gave VIP shoppers a taste of freedom at Trinoma, admission was free and this guy didn't hold back. His mouth almost caught fire!

They have a lot of branches in major malls in the country, go grab them now before stocks run out! It's pretty good merch!


Greenwich Celebrates Bella Padilla and Yassi Pressman's HawaiianOverload Birthday

It's Bela Padilla and Yassi Pressman's birthday and what better way to celebrate it but by having everyone's favorite, the Hawaiian Overload Pizza from Greenwich!

There were other bloggers, Youtubers, Instagram people and celebrities while they join in the fun and games they prepared for the two - and their lovely guests. Yassi's Dad was also there and so was JC Santos, Robi Domingo and executives from Greenwich to complete somehow the whole Greenwich Barkada!

Entertainment was provided for by Jem Cubil. The talented artist also sang part of the soundtrack of the movie Sid and Aya which has already topped the viral charts of popular music app Spotify. The ladies loved him so much too, I could tell hahah!

Yassi and Bela was so elated to have been able to celebrate together as they haven't done this yet. They planned for this years ago so this was a welcome thing. They also tested their friendship via games designed to see how they know each other. I guess Bela won that round.

Catched up stories with Ruth of

Ate a lot of pizza and lasagna with Enzo of juanmanilaexpress and Azrael of Azraelsmerryland too.

Foodie friends Nathan of The Hungry Chef and lovely Rowena Lim of Animetric

Executives of Greenwich flanked by Bela and Yassi on their Birthday celebration!

For those who wish to have the same treats, hot pizza and lasagna like we did, dial 55555 or text G. It was a wonderful celebration met with friends and family. You too could do the same, order Greenwich pizza now!

It's so good!


Alarming Misuse of PH Quench Steel Bars, A Serious Matter! -Senator Nikki Coseteng

Monday, June 11, 2018

Alarming. This has been what people in the press conference felt right after we were informed about this matter. You see, this worries me to know that it's been 12 years already that the steel manufactured in some parts of the country have been made with a steel bar process called Quench Tempered Bars. These type of bars are used and made for non structurally dependent structures like walls or fences, but not to be part of actual buildings. 

Engr. Emilio Morales has published a study saying "My paper has been read by a lot of people but both local and international organizations have not challenged this and just kept mum about it. This is critical, the problem is TMT manufacturers have not been certified or tested - and when asked they only say they are still testing it, which is obviously an excuse. It's the manufacturer's responsibility and the need to warn the public should have been done 10-12 years ago. This has been banned in Taiwan, Japan, New Zealand and some only use this on non high rise buildings. Various international literature has also said in studies that it's earthquake performance could have premature failure." Now that is something I'd be worried about.

I've taken subjects for strength of materials when I was in college and know how important this is. Now think about it, in the past 12 years, how many buildings, skyscrapers have been put up in your area? Honestly, I would fear for your lives especially if they've used these particular type of steel bars that have not been checked for standards as it should be.

Madame Nikki adds "This has been kept in secret and will be historic, this should be known by the public and should know how dangerous it is. Micro alloy steels has been swapped in Quench Tempered Bars. The public did not know that this should not be bended, galvanized, or welded. This has been ignored and has been a disservice in the country. They have not asked for tests, this is the reason why we are talking about it, buildings that have been built in the last 12 years are affected. This is how big it is!." I could see how worried she was while saying this and I'm not surprised.

Now what's going to happen to all those structures that have been already comstructed, made and sold to tons of people knowing that it's safe? Your answer is as good as mine. For me it should all be identified, recomputed for the material that was used and hope that the BIG ONE doesn't happen. Imagine the tons of casualties that would probably happen while we're helpless with the way these steel products are still out in the market, proliferated and remain untested. 

I've also personally asked Senator Nikki about her running as senator in the next election, and she said she's not running. If that's the case, this is a serious matter that we all should think about, ask your congressmen or representatives to investigate because we can't be sitting ducks out here and find those skyscrapers collapse. You wouldn't want to be under the rubble, in pain or lifeless.

Read all about the paper here (URL: ) and ask your representatives to investigate the matter. You don't want to be the last to know, or fall victim if this continues. Get in touch also with Senator Nikki for talks as she conducts them in different places in the country, people should definitely know.


Take Outstanding Photos with the Zenfone 5Q

The ASUS Zenfone 5Q

Seeing the market being saturated with smartphones definitely makes me wonder how brands would get noticed. They've got about a few months after they have been launched to see if they have just about almost any feature available in the market crunched down in a single phone and have to sell it at an affordable price. This one in particular comes from ASUS and is part of their Zenfone series. It's properly called the ASUS Zenfone 5Q or ASUS Zenfone Lite (in Taiwan).

Here's a little unboxing video I made for it.

What makes this a glorious phone is how they've kept all the messy stuff out of the design. No buttons on front, super nice as if it's black glass all over. They did it without introducing the notch which for some users would be annoying. It's got that curved glass effect in the front and the back, still a 6 inch display with a 18:9 display ratio so you still see very nice videos and play those third person shooting games you adore if you need to.

Now this phone is special because it's got two front cameras. It's got one of them on 20MP while the other is at 8MP. This means you can take wide angle shots with ease, so no need to move or arrange yourselves in selfie moments because it can practically see you all! Aside from that, the back camera takes outstanding photos too. It's got a 16MP and 8MP camera which can still give you very detailed shots even without retouching the images.

I took the liberty to bring it to Brisbane Australia so we could see if it outclasses phones that are on the same price range. I'm telling you, it did not disappoint. Mind you, these are untouched photos that's even sent through the messenger app so it has Facebook degrading it's quality, but look at the hues, the colors of Brisbane Australia's Brisvegas locale, it captured the dawn hours quite nicely.

At night

At dawn, you can still see the details clearly.
/*Photo credits Phares Torres

Thanks to the phone's reliable 16MP back camera, you don't have to worry about dawn shots, even evening shots were challenged but you can see it can still take some stunning photos.

Selfie shot

Selfie photo :)

food shots, divine!

Food shot, full screen wide shot!

Food shot, non full screen. Amazing!

The phone comes with it's own case, generic headphones with changing earpiece, cable and charger.
The selfies are phenomenal! I think this was built with that in mind. A selfie phone in this price range would be a good deal for those who are still studying, as it is in the mid range.

The two back cameras are flanked by the fingerprint scanner, I also must say this has been the most reliable way of opening up my phone with security.

The ASUS Zenfone 5Q has been impressive in the camera department as it also employs a PRO mode, make GIF's, BEAUTY mode and a SELFIE Panorama. Now make sure you also use "Save as Flipped" in the settings because I weirded out when I mistakenly used it in a different direction while using the selfie mode. Imagine, you're buying a phone with 4 cameras, with bokeh as creamy as your coffee in the morning your outputs would just be really as nice as the professionals do.

The only limits are your imagination, it takes experience too. Now this can also last you a whole day even without charging in between, I'm a heavy data user and this just fits my lifestyle. Covering events the whole day, I still had about a few percent left when I got home. The photos are of good quality, you don't have to go splurge too much on pricey ones when you can get the output on midrange phones right? It's very practical to actually consider this as your primary or secondary phone, we all have that by now I'm sure. This is priced at 16,995 for the 64GB at Lazada.

If you want to know more about the ASUS Zenfone 5Q or ASUS Zenfoone Lite, you may visit website.

Trust me on the photos.

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