Ai Iijima ; When bad things happen to Good People =(

Thursday, December 25, 2008

She was not only pretty, she was dedicated to AIDS awareness in Japan

OMG! A personal favorite of mine Ai Iijima which is a well known Japanese porn-comedic actress-turned-AIDS activist was found dead at her home this Wednesday. I am deeply saddened because I used to watch her in about 2 Japanese channels over at Home Cable when they axed em late 2005 I think. I like her antics because she was used to dealing with Japan's most revered comedians and actors and I find her extremely funny when she does what she's always told to. I kinda miss her now... I just saw her pictures over the net and thought aloud. How I wish I got to watch her over the years because she really changed a lot. She was brown tanned when I last saw her and that was like her signature look. I know Japanese people would mourn over this young girls life. T_T


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Anonymous said...

Ai lives on in the internet