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Monday, December 08, 2008

I know there are a lot of people doing sponsorship posts in their websites, but mine is slightly different. I still give my real opinion and never hesitate to tell people about what I feel about their website. I only stick to facts and make use of what was given to me as a powerful tool in high school and college papers that I wrote for. I prove that my pen is mightier than any sword.

Initially, I was writing was all about me and about my personal life. It has then evolved into a website that publishes my opinions. I do not hold back and I think that is the real factor why I am considered by other publishers a smart one. I noticed a friend's site once and noticed something slightly different on her website. I was thinking why is my site only sticking to what public opinion is on news papers. I said to myself that it's starting to look as if site owners can make a living from their sites now thanks to an advertising boom. Companies, who would want to reach specific consumers, publicize current-events, give constructive criticism, technical or non-technical people alike are hooking up with sites that can deliver those watchers. Some politically oriented websites are also riding an election-year advertising wave since that is a million dollar industry. Web popularity is a must for any candidate, I mean look at what it did for the presidential campaign. Industry experts also expect the trend to last well beyond November since it is not only because of the elections. I'm sure they will be waiting until the President elect will take over the highest seat of their country come January. The platform he was working on is also being discussed so I'm sure it will be more talks on my site and with others.

It's funny because at first everybody was only venturing on public television. Maybe this was caused by international voters which potentially can be a big factor on outcomes of election. Advertising then in this case would not only be based on TV but it makes use of Cyberspace. This is really non-traditional and is being used by Web-based marketing companies for products, services and reviews. It only means that bloggers and advertising will become a necessity in the future. Their site ranking/ratings can increase for their own websites by using link backs would make them literally visible in the Internet. This is like a high tech term for "media mileage" to put it into words. This is a necessity if you prefer to get your hopes up being attractive on investors and your audience.

I know that I am not hitting blind with what I am doing now. This was all just a simple hobby for me initially, but you know it also costs to maintain these things. If you plan to do the same, there's one company that you can trust to surely give you what you need. A place to start is because with them, you can never go wrong.

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