I met my UE Caloocan Engineering Buds! ^_^

Monday, December 22, 2008

UE Caloocan... the times we reminisced...

I just got in the office after a short dinner and chit chat with my college friends... Man it was amazing to see their faces again... the stories were just never ending.

I hate the fact that we only meet once a year, but you know what?! it's kinda fine that we get to miss each other for once. One thing though, we all are happy... we ate a lot at Something Fishy... and drank a couple of rounds at Seafood Island... I got the chance to see people that I haven't seen since 2000 would you believe? It was nice, the company was reaaaaaly great... I just wish we do this often... well you know how busy we are... with work, and family too... I just miss them all I guess.. ^_^

I'll get a post scribbled once I get em pictures... I promised them I'd write one heheh... Man this is a nice Christmas... ^_^


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