Public Transport Fare Rollback

Monday, December 15, 2008

Public Transport Fare Rollback Yooohooo!

LTFRB has been ready day 1 in the planned rollback of fares in the aftermath of very low prices in crude oil in the world market. Starting tommorow December 15, 2008 it will only be P 7.50 for the minimum fare in jeeps from the original P 8.00 for the first 4 kilometers. It will also be P 9 .00 for public buses and P 11.00 for airconditioned ones in Metro Manila. It could have been lower if the REAL oil prices were reflected in the local oil companies, said these transport groups. There would be a stop for the 50 cent per kilometer rate buses impose and the 10 peso add on rate for local taxis. Tricycles on the other hand are somewhat unregulated and is handled by SLOW MOVING local government units. It's a good thing I don't ride one! ^_^


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