Chris Brown tops Billboard Charts for 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

Uyyy... they are so sweet! hehehe ^_^
Photo by Dyfuse

If it rains it pours... this is just a great year for Chris Brown as he was just named Billboard's Top Artist for the year 2008. This was the same feat he did back in 2006 so it really should not be a surprise. Artist's rankings are determined by album sales in Billboard. This also include mp3 or digital downloads, radio airplay and Live audio streams. No. 3 on the list was Rihanna, his girlfriend that sang hits like "Take A Bow" and "Disturbia," which was co-written by him also. Top five was my personal favorite Taylor Swift. Kumagcow congratulates Chris Brown for a great year, and more record breaking albums next year too! ^_^ It ain't gonna stop there of course!


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