My Favorite Things in 2008

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Favorite Things in 2008

I know this concept is not that original and a lot of people are doing it already but I think I have to put my own one up since I had nothing to do today.

Favorite Website - Google, Pay Per Post, Socialspark, and ZamZar

Google just awarded me my most precious page rank! Hooray! Payperpost and Socialspark for obvious reasons and Zamzar because its the next best thing since sliced bread.. everything in the face of the earth it can convert your files!

Favorite Expression - "Utes Kalabaw"

I think I got this from a person... maybe in our house... I'm not sure why but the KALABAW thingy reminds me of my site and at least its original when I say that in awkward situations

Favorite Outfit - Newly bought White Boots!

It's expensive, and I like the time when I wore it at our company Christmas Party. I'll be wearing that a lot this 2009.

Favorite Past time - PSP Slim, Photography, CABAL, Blogging

I love the PSP Slim my brother gave me. I am spending so much time with it and the videos and games I put on it is enormous! Aside from that, CABAL is definitely my niche! I love this online game! I did not know I had the talent for photography, I will explore that soon when I get my self a new camera. Blogging obviously has been a blast!

Favorite Gadget - PSP Slim

Obviously I am repeating it! Hahah

Favorite Snack - Wendy's French Fries and Frostee

I just can't get enough of it, sometimes when I go out and eat, this is already my dinner! ^_^

Favorite Ulam - Nilagang Baka, Calderetang Spare Ribs

I'll be eating it this eve.

Favorite Drink - Minute Maid Pulpy Orange

It's so good I can drink a liter of it everyday.

Favorite Brand - BEAR BRAND, Bench

Weeehhh Corny! well as much as I don't like bench, i still get stuff from them for everyday use.

Favorite Footwear - Boots

As I mentioned before, it's the best thing I bought this December!

Favorite Place - In front of the PC... and out gimik with friends!

Because I need to and I want to! I love my friends too!
Favorite Resto - Blue Bacon and Green Eggs

Along Lantana street, there is nothing more classy than fine dining! the place is a secret...

Favorite Song - Stars by Simply Red

Yeah I know its kinda old, but it reminds me of highschool... you can't beat that!

Favorite Movie - Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat!

Because of Eugene Domingo

Favorite Bling bling - My gold and Silver Necklace.. and the Shoelace Accessory my Mom Made me.

Because it looks good on me!

Favorite TV Show - Nigella

Anything she cooks... I EAT!

Favorite Series - Naruto Shippuden

Because its my personal fave and I never miss an episode!

Favorite Coffee - Starbucks

Because I needed the Planner! HMPF!

Favorite Mall - Gateway Mall

Because its near my house!

Favorite ‘mushy’ Album - Beyonce and PCD's album

I just like it...and they're hot!

Favorite Pasta - My Pesto Sauce and Pasta!

Because nothing compares to my own cooking!

Favorite Pizza - Pizza Hut

I just love the stuffed crust... and I can order it in a jiffy!

Favorite Scent - Burberry

Love how it smells! Hummmm!

Favorite Shake - Watermelon Shake

Which I order everytime at any restaurant if they have it!

Favorite Dessert - DQ

Love em slushes!

Favorite Person - My Wifey

Because she will beat me into a pulp if I chose someone else! heheh


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