My Wish Came True, How about you?!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

I had my wish granted, how about you?!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. Christmas here in my homeland spells gift giving, midnight dinners that are incomparable to any place in the world. It’s always a big event when this day comes and people expect only good things to happen as we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

I'm a simple guy with simple dreams. I know I ask for some things that are expensive and sometimes preposterous compared to common Filipinos. You know how it is in the Philippines, they just give what they can because they imply the rule "it's the thought that counts!” A few days ago, my friend Kathryn sent me a text message asking for advice what restaurant we should go to. We meet once a year to check on what's happening with our friends and enjoy each other's company. I recommended a restaurant named Something Fishy, in Eastwood City so it would be quite near at my office since I did have work that evening. Everyone agreed to meet at that place at 6 PM but knowing everybody we would probably be meeting at around 7:30 PM which I placed a reservation for. I was right because they arrived around that time and some of them were running late too.

I didn't know they had dinner buffet at that place so we did eat a lot considering I was on a diet. I was happy to meet RV my best friend and Lisa my twin. RV was a hunk in college and a class A womanizer of sorts, but I was able to cope with his attitude because I was the good boy as everybody knows. Lisa on the other hand was my twin, which I really admired because we almost have the same IQ level and same birthday at that. Hence, we are really twins though I am a little older because I was born morning and she was born in the afternoon. I was only teasing them when we were in college; only to find out I was already expecting a godson from them when we were almost graduating. Kathryn was also there, she was pretty with all her Jennifer Lopez inspired attire. Her ex-boyfriend Dexter came in with Roger and his wife to be. Dexter is from T.R.A.N.S.C.O. the transmission lines company, so think about how long he had to travel from the north which probably took 8 hours to get there. It was normal for him though because he does usually go to Manila. Roger on the other hand was working for a Telecommunications Company, he and his wife to be is going to get married sometime June or July this year. I wish them all the best because as far as I know Roger did not even have a girlfriend when we were in college. Now he's getting married and I am definitely happy for him.

Later that evening, Edwin and his wife arrived and chewed down with us. He's already got 3 daughters I think which I really forgot to give gifts too. I was really impressed as they were both in clad gold that time like they were already shining. It was nice seeing him joke around again, as long as I was not the topic I was really fine with that. Rummy went to the dinner together with her husband Dexter, he's another Dexter. I never got to see her since we parted ways in college. So that's like 8 years I think so I kind of liked the fact that I get to see people that I haven't met in a long time. That was a record I think, but I would probably have to wait until I get to meet my high school friends and buddies too. I never had my wife around with me that time because she had her own places and relatives to go to. It's sad because I feel like when we meet like that and everyone has a partner around, I realize that I am still single. Not that I am in a hurry but I would probably get married sometime soon and that's going to be another story.

University of the East Engineering friends meets again @ Eastwood City

If I would have the chance to sit on Santa's lap and got a wish, it would be to see my friends. In this day and age I could have asked for material things knowing how capricious I am. The feeling I got when we met was more than what I could ever wish for. If someone were to ask me what I would like to have for Christmas, I already had it. The time with my friends was incomparable. These are little things that we should always be thankful for. If you want to make a wish and have it granted, you should check out and get to sit on Santa's lap like when you were a kid. I even had the chance to be included in his story with my memorable pictures of our dinner in C.E.I.V.A. Digital Photo Frames. C.E.I.V.A. is the inventor of the digital photo frames so you only get the best unlike cheap imitations out in the market. Make sure you enter the optional sweepstakes if you are 18 years old and a resident of the United States and/or Washington D.C.

Merry Christmas to you and your family!



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