Make Myself Amazing

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I've been thinking about a few things that I could change with my physique. I guess the standard workouts in the gym seem a little hard for me these days. My friends and co workers already know that I really am suffering from diets I could never stick to. If you were in my shoes you will take things like this differently. You never really feel how it is because you are not in this situation. My arms are good since I have huge biceps and all that but I still have to work getting a little thinner and hope to have washboard abs sometime soon. I know it is a long shot but with the thousands of pesos I've spent for gym fees, I am considering surgery.

As shocking that may sound my friends and fellow men I am seriously considering going under the knife. I've been a piercing enthusiast for the longest time so I don't think anything like this would be more painful. Let again my own confidence is suffering because I am starting to look ugly when I face my self in the mirror. Again, you wouldn't understand what I'm saying if you are not me.

There are a couple of clinics in the country performing different procedures that I could have to resolve my problems. I don't need to fix my nose anymore because that's one part of my body that I love. My eyes are quite attractive based on the people that really know what it looks like. My lashes are naturally curled up by default and a lot envy me for that. Now my problem is my abdominal area, but the procedures would probably call for a few sections to be fixed so it would look natural. No I don't need to consider boob jobs since my chest area is standing tall and proud. Men actually do that in the US and UK to look perfect in the upper part of the body. It is also called breast and pectoral enlargement and is good for people who are in need of a better chest frame. A popular cosmetic surgery clinic called M.Y.A. (Make Yourself Amazing) offers the said service and has a lot of good looking guys lining up for the procedure because unlike cheap pop up shops that proliferate in this side of the globe, they have experts that can do it for you. It normally takes an hour to do so if this is what you plan to have. I on the other hand am looking forward on their state of the art liposuction procedures and that would probably take more time. Recovery would also be a lot tougher, but I don’t think I would have to worry. I know now that if I ever consider having it done, I’d fly to the UK and have M.Y.A. do the job. This is where I feel everything would be safe and I’m sure I’d really be taken cared of. Because I know I deserve to make myself look amazing!


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