Naughty Boy gets on Santa's List

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wishes do come true! I am on Santa's list!

C.E.I.V.A. the inventor of digital photo frames just created a website to enjoy this holiday season. It’s all at

The site shows a mini movie like flash presentation that lets me upload my own picture making me a part of it with Santa and his little green elves. C.E.I.V.A. Digital Photo Frames were showcased containing this uploaded file that cracks you up each time you see it. They have the option to send it on your phone too. This happens when you sit on Santa’s lap much like when we were kids!

From the naughty or nice book, he checks out each name on it and lo and behold your own name appears there too. This also would show your own wish with it. The Got a Wish Sweeepstakes makes you also better this yuletide season as they also choose a daily winner of $500 on the site. 29 more winners will have the same fate each day. Please let me win this one now until the end of the month. The 500 bucks would go a long way. The digital frames are awesome and I’ve always wanted one since I watched episodes for Back to the Future and Spider man where these were seen. Digital Photo Frames also can now be fixed for free if you subscribe on their Picture Plan Membership. You won’t have to fear the “you break it you bought it” people when accidents happen. Can you get me this awesome gift for Christmas?



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